Badar Commercial Area – DHA Karachi Phase V (Phase 5) Map

Badar Commercial Area - DHA Karachi Phase V (Phase 5) Map

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Defence Housing Authority is a residential enterprise which was established for the welfare of the serving and retired Armed Forces Officers of Pakistan and civilian officers paid out of the budget of Defence establishment. DHA, planned by a group of naval officers in Karachi, started its journey by the name of Pakistan Defence Officers Cooperative Housing Society Ltd in March 1953. The Housing Society which made a humble beginning with allotment of mere 76.2 acres of land (which constitute current Phase-I of DHA) has come a long way since. Today, DHA comprises of eight phases spread over an area of 8,796 acres of land.

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  1. Ali says:

    Pl let me know the locations and prices at which shops can be bought in Badar Comm from the point of good rental return plus which has good demand for rental.

    Thks and regards.

  2. mirarif says:

    badar commercial has on its periphery 26 street, saba ave, and kh e badar. the most expensive shops are on 26 th street(70 to 80000/sq ft), on saba it is 50 to 60000 and kh badar 35 to 40000. then there is the famous food street wih bundoo khan/dubai rest and shop prices there, 10 comm street is 45 to 50000/sq ft. aar paar shops hv a premium. rental yields are approx 5%.p.a. inside streets vary from street to street.

  3. Hasan Choudhary says:

    What is the price of plots on street 10? 200/400 sq yards? Is it a good investment area? Is it a busy location?

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