Bahria Town may serve as some Competition but DHA City is in a League of its Own!

“Bahria Town may serve as some competition but DHA City is in a league of its own,” said Defence Housing Authority’s (DHA) Public Relations Officer and spokesman Retired Col Rafat Naqvi at the Defence Authority Sunset Club on 21st January, 2014.

He was replying to questions from the media at his farewell lunch. Having joined in Sept 2002, he is retiring after over 11 years. PRO Major Orangzeb Unar will take over from him while Ayesha Chaudhry and Narjis Sultan will also be part of the new team. Col Naqvi will continue to be associated with the DHA Central Library till April.

“The DHA is the largest residential area of this country. It is also the most sought-after place to live. We have always tried to launch new projects that would provide the best facilities to our residents. We have 400 cameras installed all over the DHA along with having an active vigilance team. Still security remains a grey area as in the rest of the city. It is after all the responsibility of the police,” he said.

About the shortage of water, he lamented that the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) was not giving the DHA its complete quota. “But that is looked after by the Cantonment Board Clifton, by the way. We hope that things will improve after the K-IV project is completed by the KWSB,” he said.

Farewell Bid for Lt. Col.(R) Rafat Naqvi - Addl. Director (Public Relations) of DHA Karachi (5)

Right to Left: Lt. Col.(R) Rafat Naqvi (Outgoing PRO – DHA Karachi), Mr. Shafi Jakvani (CEO – CITI Associates), Maj.(R) Aurangzeb Unar (Incoming PRO – DHA Karachi) at the Farewell Gathering.

He declined to speak about the DHA Cogen Plant other than that it was still workable as per the findings of two tests provided they sorted out the financial, legal and technical issues associated with it.

“Our two major projects at the moment are DHA City and development of Phase VIII. About DHA City, it is the most modern city with the best planning. It has zones such as the Education City, too. It will be Pakistan’s first smart city and self-sufficient city as far as energy is concerned. So having a wind corridor and ample sunlight, it will have wind energy as well as solar energy.” Col Naqvi said.

[via DAWN News]

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  1. Waqar Hassan says:

    What i have been hearing all the time ever since Bahria Town was introduced that Bahria, since is close to karachi toll plaza (some 9km) as opposed to DHA city, the worth of DHA city is low comparable to Bahria Town.

    This article fails to explain as to why Bahria is in any way lower than DHA?
    When are we expecting the full blown development of DHA?

  2. asif says:

    All nonsense. every other day, bahria is breaching people’s trust. at the time of registration process, they announced that booking forms will be delivered at homes through couriers. is there anyone in bahria, goivernment or do we need a suo motto notice from higher courts.

    here is the url of the ad that promises that booking forms will be delivered through couriers:

    Even, if Bahria had resort to not sending the forms through coriers, booking forms should be given to people having a registration slip/open certificate/transafer letter (whatever the case may be), withouth any fee.

    these guys are looting people of their hard earned money. all the agents are queuing up at bahria offices to get hold of the booking forms so that they can earn some money by selling it to registration holders at a higher (very very higher) price, which is the basic right of the registration holder.

    I want to warn bahria, if the registration holders dont’ get the booking forms, who’ll book? FARISHTEY?

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