Baituti – Authentic Lebanese Food

Food always considered exquisite and gives remarkable feeling as it brings joy, happiness and of course excitement.

As a famous saying,’ if you really want to impress your love one’s to give them unforgettable memories and make them inspire by your choice,  just take them for dining out somewhere outstanding place with elegance and wholesomeness to crave for delicious and radically presentable food and cuisines’.

With the passage of time, demand for good food and dining out places with elegance and entertainment has increased, Karachi is now serving its hospitality very well as every street have some kind of food centers or restaurant with Bangladeshi, middle eastern, Thai and Japanese cuisines. Lebanese cuisines is new in its taste and serving style made by renowned and expert chefs in its own professional style with elegance, that you actually can’t able to hold your hunger for yummy food. As new cuisines some of them either accepted and complimented as style of elegance or infused in the local delicacies. As sometime bring beneficiaries for foodies.

Renowned as a homeland of spicy food with lots of heating processes now its time to deliver other international cuisines in their own style and techniques. As an international outstanding cuisines within reasonable and not too much expensive food, LEBANESE food restaurant BATUTI comes first on top of the list in Karachi food street. 

If you cannot afford to go another country to taste their food and feel their culture, no need to worry as they took their tradition in our country to serve you with good food along magnificent and mesmerizing cooking creativity.

BATUTI, from the heart of Lebanon to the heart of Pakistan, its actually time to taste and tempting the authenticity, delightness and of course wholesome of Lebanese spices with Lebanese unique texture and touch. On Karachi’s popular Clifton street with a line of fine dine restaurants, Batuti is actually busy in serving their incredibly amazing cuisines with fresh ingredients and outburst hospitality beyond desi and continental regular cuisines flavors.

Batuti restaurant outcome and external view actually gives you a look of unmistakably middle-eastern style. Bright lightning and meticulously mesmerized laid out dining table with stylish yet simple decor furnished chairs and tables wait on the other side of the large and huge wooden door. BATUTI believes in authenticity and modesty of nature unreachable and unpredictable unmatched by the rest of the city. The very first thing that will surely catch your attention after entering in BATUTI is definitely, a lone seddar tree on the wall, which evaluate the embark as a mark of LEBANON. Now this restaurant become an essential and incredibly renowned place in Karachi food chain business. BATUTI travel its ultimate journey from scratch to international cuisines. BATUTI basically establish by four young Lebanese friends, who brought their own recipes from their homeland to serve us without any doubt.

Batuti and its owners take a whole team of expert chefs from Lebanon to Pakistan to not affect its style and taste and preserving techniques. The entire staff is well mannered with wholesome, wholeheartedly smiles on their faces with elegant and cooperative behavior, which also make them different from other renowned restaurants. Their services are also very quick and influential with their handling methods. You need to make reservation first to enjoy dinning in Batuti, to just save yourself wasting your time in waiting. The background music is so mesmerizing and charming good to hear to entire dining experience. Their techniques of making food and creative aura with perfection is beyond your imagination. Batuti incredible specialty is, they never used any other desi masala in their food making procedure, they only prefer and used Lebanese species with international standard taste and wholesome of gravity and texture of sauces and platters.

The exquisite menu in Batuti, offers you an array of sizzling Lebanese cuisines in traditional, super auspicious and healthy grubs of meals. You will definitely transport yourself straight to Lebanon. Its a suggestion,  for ordering food just depend on its owners and they will guide you about food wholeheartedly, so your money never go waste if you choose right choice of food according to your demand. Even their simple spices and chilli sauces being served also follow the art of Lebanese cookery. Once you got settled in Batuti, you were served with delicious platter of comprising dates, olives, slices of watermelon and ofcourse savoury dips. 

The options on the menu table exactly like what actually you will see on ZAATAR and FIGARO, many items stood out in terms of quantity and quality. BATUTI another crunchy salad topped with pomegranate and bread is actually what you need to start your meal. Their main menu that make you fall in love with food is originally their TABBOULI, HUMMUS, MUTABIL, FATAYAR, MINCED MEAT, FATTOUSH, SHRISH TAOUK, SPICY POTATO AND FRIED ICEBBEH. I know their name sounds so difficult and sticky but their taste make your day happy. Batuti, itself a name of satisfaction and pride, but especially the rich texture of Hummus, coupled with the light and buffy Pita Bread and also Cheese Fatayer like Pizza Spin-off in albeit shape of boat with Lettuces and Cheddar Cheese layer, garnished with Pomegranate and ofcourse last but not the least incredibly delicious Shisha Taouk, actually a twist of Middle Eastern Barbecue are their best with amazing transformation of simple ingredients. Batuti dessert also take another uplift of taste of joy and healthy diet with controlled calories blender of different ingredients like Puff Pastry topped with cream and a plethora of nuts in a clay pot is outstanding and yummicious.

In Batuti, wooden windows exquisite fresh environment with delight aroma of cuisines and ceiling to floor windows beautifully encapsulated tradition and gives you wholesome warm sensation and radiance of hospitality and decency. The staple white serving dishes, unique design cutlery, inspiring sitting arrangement with needed space, luxurious air conditioned atmosphere with well behaved and cooperative staff offer uniformity to the eyes for a dining eatery with family and friends on reasonable and easy on pocket pack. 

Location: 138/1A, block 4 Clifton, Karachi.
Time: 1pm to 12 am
Contact: 0309-2182218
Facebook: http/

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