Baking Love at The Cakery

Special moments in life deserve special treats, sometimes these moments catch us off guard while most of the times they are planned with great precision such that everything is executed perfectly on the day itself. Anytime a surprise or a special occasion is approaching, people pull out all plugs and pool in all resources to make the magic happen.

Every special occasion has a list of things that must be done in order to give it that spectacular glitz and glamor. The food preparations come in second priority to the décor, but one must always remember it is the food that the people remember while only the host and the guest (for whom the surprise) is will remember the décor set up.

In this lengthy to do list is a small scribbling right down at the bottom which reads- dessert. Because it is a special occasion or a surprise for that matter- there is a need for sweets or desserts. Usually people put in so much time and effort in the décor that the dessert lays forgotten and only at the last moment a mad dash is made to the nearest bakery to grab something chocolaty.

Baking Love at The Cakery

Why chocolate? Because everyone loves chocolate- this is true, but only in the case that the dessert or cake is prepared with the finest of methods and must taste great while the presentation should be gorgeous too. The chocolate cakes usually picked up from the bakeries are just covered right from the top to the bottom in a thick black chocolate ganache with the exact same ganache as part of the cake filling as well.

So when the guests do eat the cake, their jaws jam together while their teeth give the look of being un-cleaned for years. The poor guests or the person for whom the surprise is kept end up flashing chocolaty smiles. Many a times a instant gulp of water is needed to down the sticky ganache from the throat. Thus the cake may look good, but the texture and flavors are very much basic and similar.

Bring in ‘The Cakery’, as the name suggests specializes in baked goodies in savories and sweets as well. There is a wide range of cake and cupcakes that are available and orders can be placed in for novelty cakes as well. The café selection at The Cakery holds delicious hour’s’ devour, hot dogs, sandwiches and other party delights. It is the only bakery so far which offers 8 distinct flavors of the authentic Philadelphia Cheese Cakes.

Address: Shop #1, Plot 9C, 33rd Commercial Street, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: +92 21 35876600, +92 321 9811758

The Cakery is just what the mad doctor ordered to complete a splendid surprise or a special occasion. Rest assured that The Cakery never disappoints. For any special occasion ring up the cakery and get on with the décor.

Baking Love at The Cakery - DHA Karachi

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