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The smell of charcoal and sizzling meat loaded with spices is a sight many would drool over. As people of the sub-continent, we can never get enough of this tender succulent meat grilled over charcoal flames. Being part of a food lover’s nation, entertainment is all about enjoying a well prepared meal with family and friends.

If there is one cuisine we Pakistani’s never say no to is barbecue. Safest and marinated in rich spices, barbecue is an all-time favourite. It is always best when eaten at some of the famous food stops around the city. Though barbecue is easily available, very few restaurants or eateries take care and precaution in its preparation and marinating.

Most important element of a good barbecue is the quality of the meat being used and thereon is the spices. Also the level of hygiene at the eatery is the foremost priority. A clean workspace with the right meat cuts and marination is the perfect recipe for a great barbecue.

During the season of Eid-ul-Adha, families take it upon themselves to marinate and grill meat for a barbecue party. Many a times it works while most of the time it is an absolute disaster. There might be falling meat over the charcoal and the smell of singed meat. The best barbecue in the entire town or nation is at no place other than BBQ Tonight.

Address: Com. 5/1, Boat Basin, Clifton, Block-5, Karachi.
Phone: 111-227-111

BBQ Tonight has years of legacy trailing behind it, this has not been an easy journey. The years of providing the best barbecue in the country has required the restaurant to make numerous quality and quantity checks. The success of BBQ Tonight is witnessed by the numerous franchises open across the Far-East and Middle-East.

The BBQ Tonight restaurants in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Jeddah are loved by the desi’s who visit and the local people as well. Even today whenever a guest from abroad visits, the hosts make it a priority to take them first and foremost to BBQ Tonight because not only is the restaurant famous, it has always delivered and the customers leave satisfied. BBQ Tonight is one of the few top restaurants in Karachi who began offering online ordering services.

The goal for BBQ Tonight was and has always been customer satisfaction. Adding to the services being offered to ease the entire home delivery and ordering process, BBQ Tonight has come up with its own smartphone application. This application will allow customers to avail the service of ordering food via the app without the hassle of even picking up a phone. Since smartphones are now part of the daily life and an absolute necessity, the app fulfills its purpose of bringing the customers closer to the delicious food.

Download App: iOS and Android

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