Basant Family Festival 2014 at Moin Khan Academy (DHA Sports Club)

Karachi is officially under the blasting and scorching summer glare- the summers have arrived! Hallelujah! Really, summers bring with them the sweetness of the world’s best mangos- the taste and flavour of which cannot be compared.

Summers in Karachi are a festival in itself. The shocked looks and raised eye brows won’t do much to deter the spirit of summers. Undoubtedly summers means glaring afternoons and evenings, some patches without electricity as well, but then again this is Karachi and this is how we have lived for the past years. Nothing can take down the spirit of celebrating summer festivals and we mean nothing literally!

For the world, summers mean sun bathing or boating, but for the people of Karachi summer is a completely different ball game. How so one asks? Well, look around and see the women going ape crazy over the lawn collections for the season.

Basant Family Festival 2014 at Moin Khan Academy (DHA Sports Club)

Still not convinced? How about the Basant festivals which primarily mark the arrival of spring, but here in Karachi we never seem to get enough. Such is the zeal and spirit of the people that the Basant festivities carry late on near the months of May and June, which are strictly speaking summer months!

The skeptics will frown and discourage the idea of Basant festivities continuing this late, but we ask why not continue this late? There can never be enough of festivities- it is when the families and friends come together to spend some wonderful time. The people are starved of decent entertainment; as the weekly work load takes a toll, people become pessimistic and moody as well.

To sum up in a few words: Let the Basant festivities continue! Located in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 8 is the renowned DHA Sports Club- Moin Khan Academy. The Moin Khan Academy is home and training ground to the brightest stars in the field of cricket. At this very same venue a Basant Family Festival will be held on Sunday 13th of April 2014. The event will begin at 10 am on Sunday the 13th of April and continue till 10 pm in the night.

Attractions to look for at the event will be kite flying, face painting, magic show and amusements. The star attraction of the night will be the popular singer Abdul Rafay from Pakistan Idol and numerous well reputed standup comedians.

The tickets cost Rs 500 per adult and Rs 300 per child. A Basant Family Festival can never be complete without food- fret not because at this festival, the variety will be huge. Right from the adults till the children, each one will be boggled by the mouthwatering sight of delectable goodies.

The event is for families only; a gala like never before in a safe and secure environment. Tickets are available at the Moin Khan Academy, Naheed Supermarket or at the reception of Safa Food in Phase 5, Badar Commercial Area. This Sunday-Basant at Moin Khan Academy: party and enjoy like never before!

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