Baskin’ Robbins – A Sweetly Chilled Experience!

A great person once said: “If you want everybody to be happy with you, sell ice cream.” And so, Baskin’ Robbins became a huge hit as soon as it launched a shop in DHA phase 7 this year. The brand has already established itself around the world with more than 7000 shops in 51 countries and its debut in Karachi is just as awesome.

The place is a casually posh design with a large inviting glassy display rack (full of ice cream and toppings) and digital screens as menus. With its tutti frutti style décor and vibrant color ambiance, the outlet is just the place for the lovers of ice cream and its derivatives.

I say derivatives because Baskin’ Robbins has them. Thick chocolate and coffee shakes, sorbets and delicate colored cakes for all occasions are just as enticing in reality as they seem in imagination.

As for the main thing…. Well, the name ‘ice cream’ itself instills a happy feeling and when it is paired with a brand like BR, it becomes an epic. 31 flavors of happiness as claimed by the shop is true from taste to texture. You can choose your scoop of happiness from flavors ranging from the conventional vanilla and chocolate to the unique cotton candy and Oreo chocolate chip (or if you cannot decide upon flavor, the co-operative staff would be only too glad to help you out). You can also have fun juggling with different kinds of savors and topping with creating your own sundae in three simple steps. The shop serves till late in the night so if your sweet tooth craves at 12 midnight you can just hop into this place. You will find yourself satisfied and your money totally worth it.

It is THE spot to drop by for a quick dessert or to entertain friends and family at odd times. You just have to try it if you are ice cream fiend. Even if you are not, no one can say no to a cup full of happiness.

Address: 3Com Tower, opposite Bilawal Chowrangi, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan.



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  1. felicia says:

    I love BaskinRobins. i think this is the best ice cream.

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