Beach Cleaning Activity Held at Seaview Beach

Hundreds of students belonging to various DHA educational institution wearing colourful caps, masks and gloves engaged themselves in massive beach cleaning activity held at Seaview Beach between McDonald and Chunky Munky restaurants. The students picked up trash and polythene bags scattered on seashore and carried out its proper disposal. Their efforts were amply substantiated by a large number of sanitation workers of DHA/CBC and mechanical sweeping of beach by a number of tractors which carried out extensive cleaning of beach to give it a reinvigorated outlook. The students carried out the activity with great zeal and fervour.


The beach cleaning was meant to create awareness in the young generation about the importance of keeping their surroundings neat and clean for a healthy, happy and dynamic living. A large number of people from civil society visited the beach and appreciated the enthusiasm and spirit of students with which they carried out the entire exercise of beach cleaning.

The students during the event carried play cards inscribed with slogans like ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ ‘clean environment for healthy living’ ‘say no pollution’ ‘protect the beach’ and ‘preserve environment’ etc. it was a public service activity aimed at creating awareness among the young generation for keeping the natural environment clean, hygienic and free of pollution.


The cleanliness drive was a forward looking initiative heralding the beginning of a reinvigorated awareness in society to ensure cleaner and healthy environment for a brighter and progressive future. Such healthy activities like cleanliness drive go a long way in developing, civic sense, team spirit and sound character traits in young generation who constitute our hope for the future.

It was a purposeful exercise full of action and activity that brought a renewed resolve in participants to keep their environment healthy and clean. The beach cleaning activity carried out with great fanfare culminated at noon. The students and teachers spent busy hours in solid waste collection on the coastline. The students went back home happily imbued with a renewed vigour to keep the surroundings clean for maintaining a vibrant and good living environment.

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  1. Bethel Smith says:

    Thank you for being so considerate to our environment. I love to see our beaches cleaned. I am going to see if there are any similar service activities in our area. Hiring those tractors to sweep the beaches probably made a huge difference considering there’s so much terrain to cover.

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