Begum Administrator DHA Visits Bilquis Edhi Foundation

Bilquis Bano Edhi, wife of late legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi, is a humanitarian cum social worker and one of the most active philanthropist of the country. She is head of Bilquis Edhi Foundation, a charity which run a number of social services to help the ailing humanity that has changed the face of welfare in Pakistan.

Wife of Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited Bilquis Edhi Foundation Office in Mithadar and met Begum Bilquis Edhi. She inquired about her health and eulogized the legendary services of Edhi Foundation for the ailing humanity that has won the heart and soul of the nation. She said that every Pakistani has deep seated reverence for late Abdul Sattar Edhi, the legendary figure who continues to inspire and rekindle the light of hope and optimism in young generation.

Begum Administrator gave a cheque of Rs. 1 Million on behalf of DHA Karachi to Mohtarma Bilquis Edhi for the welfare and wellbeing of the needy people. She said that ‘Service to Humanity’ is the cherished vision of DHA and that the Housing Authority will continue to support initiatives/organizations committed to the service of welfare of humanity.

Begum Bilquis Edhi thanked DHA for its donation for a great cause and reiterated that the same would reach the ailing and deserving people of society in need. She termed the magnanimous gesture of DHA as a shining example for a social cause and service to humanity.

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