Beyond Soccer – Maradona’s Inspiration: Leaders, Causes and Movements at T2F

About the Event:
This event will be a premiere of the mini-documentary, “Maradona’s inspiration: Leaders, Causes and Movements” to honour the life of the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona. Join The Second Floor as they navigate through his life not just as a player but also as someone who went beyond soccer and became a prominent socialist figure in the political arena.

His death on 25th November shocked the world as he died of a heart attack at the age of 60. This precocious talent, with multiple titles such as the ‘Hand of God’ and ‘The Golden Boy’ also led a controversial life as a drug-addict, a controversial rebel, a football god, a comrade. But there is no denying that he is among a select few whose life, efforts, and experiences contribute in the making not only of football but also in strengthening the camaraderie of comrades throughout the world.

Date: Saturday, 5th December 2020
Time: 8:00PM
Location: IGTV & Facebook Premiere
Event Link:

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