Bholu – Desi Khao Mazey Urao!

With the world reverting back to the traditional methods of enjoying local cuisines cooked at home or according to home style, it has brought about a huge change in the trend of eating out.

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The people of K-town are obsessed with the burgers and pizzas- they rarely see beyond these two options when it comes to eating out. Be it the children or the adults, everyone instantly falls in love with the flashy international fast food chains offering delicious food. So burgers and pizzas have literally taken over the eating habits of the people here in Karachi.

Even the snazzy restaurants or cafes for that matter offer food like burgers, wraps, pizzas or rich chocolaty cakes. The original bun kebabs or parathas roll lay forgotten until and unless the budget is low and the heart desires some food from the eateries. What good is all of this modernism when a simple bun kebab or parathas roll is considered not worthy for a meal out with friends.

Bholu Clifton Karachi – Desi Khao Mazey UraoA bun kebab or Paratha roll is the most fulfilling desi dish around that not only fits the budget all the time but is also satisfying. Some times when a person has had enough of all this snazzy continental food, the desi food is always there for rescue. But given the current summer heat wave in Karachi, it is rather an arduous task to cook so much desi food in one go.

What works better is home delivery or the idea to eat out. A quick get away from the kitchen for the ladies and a rather exciting activity for the entire family. Now add to this desi scenario a desi eatery offering only desi local delights cooked to the perfect taste. BHOLU is located at Clifton near Chase Supermarket opposite Dolmen Clifton Mall.

Address: Chapal Ocean, Near Chase Up & Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim, Sea View, Block-4, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35291076

BHOLU is an expert at the simple desi dishes like Daal Chawal- a simple meal shared by the poor and the rich, yet a complete power house in terms of nutritious value. The Daal Chawal at BHOLU tastes exactly how home food is- the Daal is cooked in the traditional spices and garnished with a tempering of chilies, ginger and cumin while the rice is boiled to perfection without making a soggy mess out of it.

Adding to this simple menu at BHOLU is the Qeema and Paratha- the Qeema (mince) is of a prime quality cooked in a spicy gravy till it dries up while the Parathas served with it are fresh, light and flaky. Seldom will anyone be able to differentiate between the home cooked food and the one delivered by BHOLU.

BHOLU cut fries are fried to a crispy perfection and sprinkled with spicy masala if asked for. But the one dish BHOLU is extremely famous for is the Bun Kebabs- the buns are soft and grilled till toasted well, the fillings however can be picked from the potato till the beef or chicken patty. Each Bun Kebab at BHOLU is smothered in sauces/ chutneys and finally topped with finely cut onion slices and tomatoes. A meal at BHOLU is pocket friendly and the closest possible to home.

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