Biennele at FOMMA DHA Art Centre Located at DA Zamzama Park

FOMMA DHA Art Centre located in a 19th Century Army Barrack at the beautifully landscaped area of DHA Zamzama Park is a centre of excellence, committed to promotion and dissemination of arts and culture in society. FOMMA Art Centre held the first Karachi Biennele, an exciting arts and cultural event of the metropolis.

The Biennele has a special significance being Pakistan’s largest contemporary art event in which the stars are artists. The venue had literally become a centre of creativity and dreams. There was a decent variety on view, ranging from performance art to video installations. The artist created a matrix, or a matrix like big piece that no one could miss.

At the venue exhibits and artefacts of renowned artists were displayed show casing imaginative, creative and intellectual skills of the progressive artists. A number of artists and arts lovers attended the event and appreciated the fantastic art works on display.

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