Biryani Express – The Meal of the Mughals!

History is all about the culture and grandeur of the generations in the past- what they did, and how they managed so much with simple techniques. Simplicity in the past was the prime factor which contributed to the constant happiness of the people of that time. The Mughal emperors loved the grandeur and lavish set up, thus any architecture, painting or monument was created to reflect the complete glory of the ruler of that time.

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Noteworthy is that if the Mughal emperors spent such extravagant amounts on monuments and art, then their meals would be rich and symbols of wealth as well. Meals for the Mughals were prepared by the finest chefs who were handpicked based on the flavours and meal tasting. While the Mughals left for the generations today a never ending legacy in the matter of arts and architecture, a much more worthy and dear heritage proudly owned by the generation since then is the art of culinary.

Culinary set ups during the Mughals were grand and each dish was created with the right balance of flavour and spices keeping in view the palate of the emperor. Serving a substandard or watered down dish could earn a chef life imprisonment or worse the death sentence because it was considered as an insult of the ruling emperor and his ministers.

Biryani Express - The Meal of the Mughals (DHA Karachi)

One such dish from the time of Mughals cantered across the royal borders of the palaces and became a specialty to be served on celebrations. With time, this dish was perfect and variations created; it was no longer a royal dish, instead it became the dish of the day and still continues to be on all sorts of occasions. Still wondering which dish is it. It is Biryani.

No one refuses biryani and anyone who does is assumed senile by the rest for sure. Biryani is the choicest meal of the majority whenever it comes to serving dishes for any particular or ordinary day. Biryani without potatoes is an unpardonable sin which no one is ready to forgive and because everyone loves biryani, there is no one time to enjoy it. Anytime can be biryani time, but it has to be made to perfection.

Biryani Express - The Meal of the Mughals (DHA Karachi)Trust the name Biryani Express because their flavours and quality of biryani being offered are mind blowing. The rice is cooked till puffy but not a gluey mess and the masala is in balanced well. Chicken biryani will not disappoint because the chicken retains the moistness with the masala. So far so good isn’t it, but the best part has yet to come.

At Biryani Express, the wild culinary ride begins with the Express chicken biryani wherein customers can pick chicken reshmi kebab or add any other BBQ item to add to the biryani instead of the normal chicken piece from the biryani. The exact same thing can be done for the beef express biryani as well. Mouthwatering steamy plates of the biryani will be pure bliss. Trust the best; trust Biryani Express.

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