Book Launch – ‘Living Globalized’ at T2F

Living Globalized is a tale of two young professionals, who met each other volunteering for respective countries at a professional organization called IEEE. The book starts from an elevator scene, continuing to narrate how both of them individually grew on a personal and professional level before meeting in that elevator. The book in the later part pivot to “after the elevator” in the second half, where it describes the amazing opportunities both have received and lessons they have learnt from global work, travels, and volunteerism. The point? We live in a globalized economy, and for the first time have digital tools to connect with anyone around the globe at any time. The book focuses on the fact that with a little hard work, anyone can leverage the opportunities made possible by our modern tools to actually travel, gain perspective, and make an impact at the global level. Their idea – and roadmap for readers’ personal transformations – is outlined in the book, Living Globalized, which features their experience along with twenty-two others from ten different nations in a short story format.

The author Sarang will be sharing some of his personal anecdotes and experiences from the book, moreover, he will be onsite to sign book copies for purchase on the event.

About the Author:
Sarang Shaikh
has a Telecommunications Engineering Degree
and an entrepreneurial mindset with aspirations. He is developing expertise and specialization in ICT Program Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Business Development. Currently, he is pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and helping multiple universities in Pakistan to establish Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers.
He has worked for two start-ups, accumulating a total of 8 years professional experience. He has also graduated with specializations in
entrepreneurship from University of Maryland and IBA in Karachi. A student of life interested in Philosophy, Sarang is a strong believer of “Stoicism” and has published a book titled “Inspire your Motivations” available worldwide and is excited to publish Living Globalized as his second book. With IEEE, he is Global Chair for IEEEmadC and has served in various positions ranging from a
member of the Member Geographic Activities Training Committee, Public Visibility Committee, IEEE Infrastructure ad-hoc Committee, Asia Pacific Humanitarian Activities Committee, and Senior Assistant Editor for the IEEE IMPACT Young Professionals Publication. He
belongs to IEEE Karachi Section in Pakistan, where has been contributing his volunteer services for the past 9 years.

Jeffrey Eker Jr. graduated from the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering as an Electrical and Computer Engineering major and German Studies minor in 2016. He has traveled around the world in eight days, visited 23 countries outside of the US, and looks forward to visiting many more! Jeff is heavily involved with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), representing Young Professionals in the mid-Atlantic region of the US on the local and international level. Jeff has experience as a Technology Consultant and Portfolio Director of an innovation team. Meeting people from around the world is always Jeff’s favorite part of travel, and who he is today has been shaped in a huge way by the opportunities he’s had to embrace local cultures. Jeff is the CEO and founder of Tediferous, LLC that created the CultureCloud® platform. The CultureCloud mobile app allows travel users to instantly connect based on similar interests and hosts a community mode for any organisation or conference to form a digital social ecosystem for their members. Jeff and his team launched CultureCloud at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He now also champions a project in Pakistan to crowd source opportunities for enabling social mobility in refugee populations.
Having grown up in Philadelphia, Jeff currently resides in Atlanta, GA and has been privileged to attend, moderate panels, and speak at many conferences globally including his TEDx talk in Bandung, Indonesia.

Date: Saturday, 30th March 2019
Time: 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free!
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