Book Launch of “Equinox” by H.M.Jadav

If April felt warm in the middle of December, it was because Richard had become the mid-summer sun for her. If she felt like a star astray in the universe, he became the cosmos for her. If she feared getting trapped in a thunder-storm, Richard became Tartarus. But no matter what he became for April … he can never become her healer!…

H.M.Jadav brings a Romantic Fantasy novel forward through the bitter-sweet love story of April Rivers and Richard Chase. April finds herself struggling through the dilemma of the kind of madness that we associate with Love.

Book Launch of Equinox by H.M.Jadav

April is an orphan girl who has, through-out her life, studied at convent schools as a boarder under the watchful eyes of nuns. The Rutland orphanage, where she was a boarder, closes down and she has to move to Berkshire, near a small village of Cold Ash. There she comes across Richard, whom she had earlier seen on her 15th Birthday at Rutland and had felt a connection.

Smacked with his tempting ruggedness and a magnetic dynamism, the young plutocrat Richard Chase seems only a dream that never comes true. Richard’s intimacy aroused desires which April thought never existed in her. She began believing in fairy tales, until the night Richard leaves her…..

Will her love overcome this sudden rejection? Will she get to unveil the haunted side of her soul to him, ever? Will her love survive amidst the deliria of qualms???

H.M.Jadav marvelously carries the plot forward and takes the reader through the emotional roller coaster of a young girl’s delirious mind. Find answers to the questions in Equinox as it rigidly bottles the lives of two conflicted beings destined to be indivisible.

This is the first time an author from Pakistan has carried forward her work, and so excellently, in this genre. This novel shows that the artistic capabilities of authors in our region are limitless and can fetch stories from anywhere in this world or any other.

About H.M.Jadav:

H.M.Jadav, also known as Heena Sunil, is a counsellor and an English Language Development Facilitator. She’s a Sophian and in her thrives a girl, a woman and above all a warrior with fiery rage surging to reach the best sellers list. She’s done Bachelors in Commerce and Business Administration academically. Having lived in India and U.K, she has now come back to live in her mother-land, “Pakistan”. One can find snippets of her life’s experiences from convent schools, beautifully put and adopted into the life of April Rivers…..

Date: Sunday, 20th April 2014
Time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: PeaceNiche | The Second Floor (T2F), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi

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