Book Launch: Sense Me by Annum Salman at T2F

Join Annum Salman to celebrate the launch of her baby, her debut poetry book “Sense Me”. The poetry book is a collection of poems written over the years, including longer spoken word pieces varied with shorter pieces that are accompanied with striking illustrations drawn by Aaiza Aslam. Sense me explores ideas of masculinity, issues of mental health, existing gender inequality in modern society, and highlights racism motivated by colonialism and language.

Come over to The Second Floor to listen to Annum’s poetry reading and performances, and a talk moderated by Ahmer Naqvi (AKA Karachi Khatmal), followed with a book signing. Mingle around with likeminded individuals and find your love for modern poetry.

About the Author:
Annum Salman is the debut author of poetry book “Sense Me” in which she sheds light on issues of gender inequality, racism, identity, and mental health, specifically in Asian culture. Annum is also a spoken word artist and has had performances in the UK as well as in Pakistan at Kaho Suno, Poetry Slam Karachi, T2F Art Bazaar, Pakistan National Poetry Slam and has judged UK’s Young Muslim Writers Award 2018 as well as Karachi Grammar School’s Grammart event 2019. She hopes that with her work in words, she can help many feel less alone.

“One of the strongest pieces was Beauty and The Beast – an evocative poem using the subtle repetition of ‘I told him today’, references to mouths and kissing and cigarette smoke. Throughout the collection, love and pain blend together, and some poems speak to readers through this relatability. This is especially visible in A Rigged Game, which could be argued as connecting the patriarchal ideas of gender to more intimate relationships, where women are blamed for ‘feeling more than what was necessary’. The accompanying illustration is also a favourite: a heart held above an open mouth. Mass Murderer contains so many brilliant lines of metaphors and similes, with the idea of hosting funerals within the body. More positive aspects of the heart are also considered, and with A Lyrical Affair, I enjoy many of the references to musical instruments, allowing for the readers to recreate a sensual experience.” – Carmina Masoliver, The Norwich Radical

“”Yes, there are in this collection plenty of poems about relationships, as you might expect of a young poet. But there are also others about being a woman, a daughter, and a foreigner, and about issues of mental health, sexism, and racism.” –Greg Freeman, Write Out Loud

Date: Friday, 15th March 2019
Time: 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free, it’s your donations that keep them going!
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