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Like minded humanitarians from varying professional and social backgrounds came together to lend a helping hand to formed Baitussalam originally first inaugurated in December 2010. With a visionary purpose of spreading actual guidance of Islam that our PROPHET MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) taught us, so that our Muslim brothers and sisters will live their life in the light of SHARIAH. Basically operated as non profitable, religious and Islamic mosque with supervision of Islamic renowned scholars along with advance technological learning method of education free of cost.

Baitussalam operates under the guidance of respected senior Islamic Scholars and the close supervision of Hazrat Maulana Abdus Sattar (DB). He is the Imam and Khateeb of Baitussalam Masjid situated in Defence-phase 4, Karachi. The trust successfully providing free of cost food to students and faculty members in its 2 main campuses located in Karachi-Sindh, Chakwal-Punjab with facilitation of approximately 500 houses for students living in Karachi. Always take initiative in adjoining area as distribution of food, sehri, iftar in Ramadan, Walls digging, water supply lines for needy peoples, quality vies facility of ambulance service with imported vehicles and specifically fabricated with all necessary equipment with paramedical staff as well.

They envision a world where there would be free access to knowledge, clean drinking water and health facilities with an array of diverse education institutions ranging from pre-primary to post-graduate level to emphasize free education among needy peoples. Under the team of Baitussalam aims to support our Pakistani and Syrian brothers in their difficult times. They believe eid should be an occasion that brings smiles to every muslim (Insha Allah). At the festive occasion of EID UL AZHA, The Waqf Qurbani is among the main humanitarian Programs of the trust just to help thousand of improvised muslim families of remote region and deprived areas. Hundred of volunteers spend their Eid ul Azha holidays with Baitussalam Qurbani team, who diligently ensure that qurbani meat should reach the beneficiaries within first three days of eve.

For Overseas Pakistani, the participation in Waqf Qurbani means lot more than just serving the qurbani meat to the deserving brothers and sisters across Pakistan. Each remittance to trust in US Dollars contributes in sustaining the foreign reserves and thus improves the financial condition of Pakistan in the time of crisis.

In year 2018, Baitussalam through the generous support of Qurbani donors served meat to 1.35 million beneficiaries, in 2019 reached to 2 million muslims. Now trust ready to serve and help poor and needy peoples as well in 2020 with pandemic Situation arisen of COVID-19, affected people and families by distributing meat among them as well.

For easy online qurbani booking please visit their trust or just make a call & book your order for sacrificial animal meat distribution in between needy and mal-nutrient peoples.

Address: Masjid Baitussalam, Khayaban e Jami, D.H.A, Phase 4, Karachi, Pakistan-75500
Phone: (021) 111 298 111

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  1. Yousuf Ali says:

    please mail us about qurbani share of cow or Goat.

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