Bored at Tea Time? Have Some Coffee Wagera!

If there would be an eating place which you could adore so much you just don’t want to step out, it is bound to be something like Coffee Wagera.  Right in line with Bundoo Khan in DHA Phase 5, it is a little chick looking place with coffee colored surroundings and scarcely but elegantly decorated. People are already falling in love with it as you go through this article.

Coffee Wagera is making its name as THE coffee shop serving some eatables to go with it. It is an ideal haunt for university students and office workers dropping by randomly due to its very many perks and freebies. Yes, freebies.

First of all the water is free. You can go up to the dispenser and drink to your heart’s content. Then there is Wi-Fi, and a reliable, fast one. Surprised? Wait, you are about to be awed.

This place has a full, active working space for office professionals with individual sockets and USB ports. You can just plug in your laptop and start off! Awesome, right? There’s more.

They also have a loyalty card scheme for discounted purchases but the important thing is FREE COFFEE. Yes folks, you can get free coffee on four conditions:

  1. You are a senior citizen and have ordered eatables also
  2. You are a tourist (have to show your passport)
  3. The Wi-Fi doesn’t work for continuous 30 minutes
  4. It’s your birthday! (have to show your CNIC)

Seriously, DHA is collecting such gems in its premises!

The prices here are ridiculously low as compared to the facilities and the staff and manager are a cheery, friendly lot. They serve till midnight on week days and 1:00 p.m. on weekends. They also organize events from time to time to keep the customers active and involved. There are 7 – 8 coffee options to choose from and a fair collection of sandwiches, wraps and brownies — all light snacks to go with coffee.

One just cannot stop admiring Coffee Wagera again and again. It is that good. Basically it is a place to work in peace, chill, relax, have great coffee and feel light for some time. Thumbs up if you are already planning on when to visit!

Address: Street 5, Badar Commercial Area, DHA V Karachi, Pakistan
Contact number: (021) 35849946

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