Breast Cancer Awareness Programme held at DHACSS Degree College

DHA is a responsible and forward looking organization which periodically holds public awareness programmes as its social corporate responsibility. DHA organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Programme in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCHS) for the lady employees/spouses of DHA Officers and staff at DHACSS Degree College, in which Begum Secretary DHA Brig Shoaib Anwer (R) was the chief guest.

Dr Rubab, from SKMCHS & RC gave a very informative, incisive and enlightening presentation on Breast Cancer disease. She highlighted various facets of the horrendous disease including its symptoms, risk factors and the way forward to fight the breast cancer effectively.

Dr Rubab stressed the significance of early detection of cancer as a life saving measure. She said that breast cancer poses major health risk for women worldwide as approx one million women are diagnosed with the deadly disease annually. She said that apart from normal modes of treatment like medication, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction and surgery etc the will power and determination of patient to get well plays a monumental role in fighting the cancer.

At the end an active question/answer session was held. A large number of ladies attended the programme.

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