Breezy Sale at Bareeze

‘The Difference Between Style And Fashion Is Quality.”- Giorgio Armani

Embroidery on dresses whether crafted by machine or hands, holds its own signature style. All embroidery crafted by hand possess the quality of being unique, while any done by machine is fine and perfect to the last stitch. Embroidered clothes are usually an option exercised by women for formal lunches, and dinner parties. Other than these occasion, they can be adorned at home based functions or when out visiting.

Embroidered ensembles can be lightly embroidered or be laden with heavy work. The choice is completely the clients. For a coffee morning or a normal day at work, readymade or pre-stitched dresses from various local brands work well, but for special evenings or formal meetings at work, they would seem as a poor choice.

Women face the everlasting dilemma of never being able to find the right attire for the right occasion. Any time an occasion is nearing, a small storm is brewing as women scramble to find the right dress; because for women making a long lasting fashion statement in the perfect attire is as important as a matter of national security. That might sound a wee bit exaggerated but it is certainly the case most of the time. Women will search for attires, undeterred by any force. An exclusive hand embroidered piece is bound to make women sprint to be the sole owners of such an item.

Breezy Sale at Bareeze - DHA and Clifton KarachiBareeze is a name assuring 30 years of commitment to quality and design. Embroidered ensembles do not get any better than those available at Bareeze. Boasting traditional bright colours or darker hues in more serious tones laden with embroidery is signature Bareeze.

Right now a winter clearance sale is underway at Bareeze; mistaken and unlucky will be those who miss out on this opportunity. The clothes up for sale are not the left overs of the season which did not make a hit with the customers, instead they are the beautiful and heavily embroidered ensembles. A few pieces remain which have gone up for sale prior to the launch of the new stocks. Phulkari, Motif, Applique- all of these give an idea of what sort of clothes are on sale. The prices are down and this makes it the prime time to shop. An eye catching bright candy pink dress with a fine gold embroidered border will make one the centre of attraction at a party or dinner.

Women, be prepared to take on tons of compliments for pulling off embroidered dresses with elegance. Clothes at Bareeze are fairly traditional in terms of designs, work, and stitching; a return to the tradition will be a great change, initiating new trends. Women who prefer light embroidery work will find themselves laden with designs and materials they will just have to buy. The collection is vast in terms of designs, material and quality. A winter sale entails great discounts on these pieces of art, which would generally be costing a lot more.

A sale at Bareeze is not to be missed by the ladies and women at all. Thus head to the outlets at Zamzama and Teen Talwar to shop for these exquisite designs.

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