Bridal Makeup at Bina Khan

With the wedding season, brides to be are constantly reminded by their mother’s to do make up and wear the ensembles made for the pre and post wedding parties and dinners. The actual wedding festivities last for two to three weeks, but the pre and post wedding celebrations can extend for a lot longer, in some cases for months.

Weddings are a joyous occasion for two families who come together, when a couple ties the blissful knot. Traditionally wedding celebrations begin post wedding; an entire plethora of dinners and parties held by relatives and family members takes the couple by storm. The newly-wed couple is shuttling around from one dinner to another, all of which are held in their honour.

The couple will be the center of attention at every event, a bit over whelming as well. This means that the bride and groom have to look perfect for every occasion. After all the functions of the wedding, one would assume the running around to salons for the bride is over, but there could not be a bigger mistake. Because post wedding dinners and parties is a time when the bride can socialize with the new family and relatives and looking good is priority number one.

The bride’s mother will always worry if her daughter is handling herself well or not. Similarly brides dress up in magnificent wardrobes, but pay little attention to the finer details of makeup. A simple run of the mill easy to do makeup of mascara, eye shadow, lip colour and base is a damper.

What newly wedded brides need is an easy to do at home post wedding make up for dinners and parties. There is nothing worse than a plain looking bride. Makeup is not an unprofessionally applied layer of base with an outrageous lip colour. New brides cannot afford to visit salons for every occasion, thus a solution has to be figured out to this dilemma.

BINA KHAN is a highly respected member of the industry and well-known for her stunning bridal makeups, training and photography shoots. Bridal makeup at Bina Khan is astoundingly elegant; the tone is such that the natural beauty will be further enhanced.

Address: Shop #3, Plot 6-C, Bukhari Commercial Lane 1, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0300-8208640, 021-35242695, 021-35242696

The real essence of a visit to Bina Khan apart from Bridal makeups is the training. New brides can opt for these training courses for party, dinner and day makeups so that the hassle of perfect makeups is long gone. The training offered serves well for brides; they can apply makeup professionally at home with the right tools.

A training course at Bina Khan is extensive and elaborate in terms of the techniques taught for colour contrasts and matching. Not only does the application become easier, it is professional. Fruitless hours spent in front of the mirror trying to find the right blend of eye shades is frustrating, but with the training courses it will be done in a snap. To find out this magnificent studio, clients can head to Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase 6, DHA.

The art of makeup learnt will stay for long and be used whenever a party or dinner approaches. Bina Khan is the mentor every girl should look up to. The training and classes are based on three levels: Foundation (option between group and one on one), Advanced and Hourly classes. Brides can pick the schedule and comfort level which works best for them.

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