Bridal Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Everything has to be top notch on one of the biggest and important days of the bride and groom’s life. Be it clothes, makeup, décor or food, there are a lot of expectations attached with everything. One of the biggest concern for the bride is her makeup that can go wrong in so many ways. While the emergence of makeup artists has opened a lot of doors for the bride, things still can go wrong. A bride has to be very sure as to what trends are being followed at her present time, and most of all, what suits her face the most. While it is okay to follow the trend, it is not necessary to do so if that trend doesn’t enhance your features and suits your face structure. Cameras nowadays capture everything, which means the makeup should not look grainy or odd. It is not just about bridal makeup now; it is about thinking differently and taking every perspective into consideration. Let’s go through some bridal makeup tips to help out the brides-to-be for their big day:

Try out different looks

It is not easy to decide which makeup look to go for, especially when the trending bridal makeup look does not suit you. The bride should try out different looks before deciding the final one. She can take help from a makeup artist, go for a consultation and discuss what looks best on her.

Make it a routine to cleanse

Cleansing is important. It is just ten minutes of dedicated self-care routine on a daily basis that will yield some wonderful results. It helps get rid of blackheads and gives a soft texture to the skin. Cleansing also gives the bride a glow for her big day. Use a toner and a moisturizer after cleansing the skin and the result will surely be noticeable.

Go minimal

Long gone are the days when the brides used to put up heavy makeup for their big day. On an honest note, it takes away the real you and puts a plastered face in front of the audience. Minimalism is trending nowadays, even in bridal makeup. And it looks good!

Wiggle your mascara

Mascara can give a very enhancing effect to your eyes if worn properly. Instead of brushing it over the lashes, wiggle the brush to make them well-defined and elongated.

Exfoliation is important

Your skin is full of dead cells after a tiring day of work, shopping and stress. It is important to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Set up the routine and make sure to follow it. Scrub the skin very gently but don’t go overboard with it, as it can also dry up the skin. We prefer you to use homemade exfoliation scrubs according to your skin type.

Use Loose powder on the eyes

This tip is not commonly heard of but it can be very helpful. We know how eyeliners can be smudgy and you keep thinking about whether it is okay till yet or not. However, in order to avoid that, put a little loose powder on the eyelids and then start applying makeup on it. Your eyeliner on fleek and for a longer period of time!

Use Fake Eyelashes

Keep a set of fake lashes with you. They give an enhancing characteristic to the eyes and compliment the makeup.

Bridal makeup can be a very hectic job, but a good makeup artist can work it like magic. The real problem comes when you are set in your everyday routine and has to get ready for an event. Of course you cannot go to a makeup artist for every event; and this is when these tips will come in handy. Make sure you hide a few up your sleeve!

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