Brides by Bina Khan

There is absolutely nothing inappropriate about dreaming big, especially if those dreams are about a fairytale wedding. Weddings happen once in a lifetime for most, but there may be some exceptions to this rule. Nevertheless it is the perfect occasion to indulge and fulfill all dreams; this goes for the bride and the groom.

Best Spa and Salons in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Well why not; it is a monumental moment in life, one that everyone dreams off, the day and every moment is about the bride and groom, so why not pay that extra amount to relish the joyous of additional care and pampering. Many would disagree and be of the opinion to spend but not forget that it’s an investment with zero return, but we beg to differ. Could any investment be greater than that made on the most auspicious day of one’s life? It is once in a life time moment.

Wedding day will be reminisced throughout the life, even though the real day will have gone by in the blink of an eye. The start of a beautiful nuptial with nothing less than royal is the dream of many. For the brides the highlight is the makeup for both the grand days. Be it a traditional or a modern dress, the makeup has to be spot on for them to be the star. That’s the way it should be because it is the day of the couple.

Brides focus on the makeup the most after a dress has been selected; an elegant makeup complementing the dress is the best present a bride could ask for. Thinking along the lines of the best bridal makeup in town, only one name instantly pops up: BINA KHAN.

Address: Shop #3, Plot 6-C, Bukhari Commercial Lane 1, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0300-8208640, 021-35242695, 021-35242696

Bina has become a popular star amongst the people of the industry and her clients, all owing to the magnificent makeups. Makeup’s by Bina Khan work extremely well with traditional or non-traditional wedding outfits. Wedding dresses in subtle colour tones often prove difficult to work with, but not at Bina Khan.

Similarly bright and vibrant dresses may seem a tad bit over the top if complemented with an extremely loud makeup, but at Bina Khan all of this is taken care of professionally by the best. Brides can opt for a package when booking their appointments by which they can opt for wedding photography by Danish Rasheed.

Bridal look by Bina and stunning photography by Danish Rasheed will be the extravagant choice bridals are looking for. A package of bridal make up by Bina and wedding photography by Danish Rasheed will cost Rs 55,000- it is worth every penny. The hassle of getting dressed in salons and heading home or to the studio for a shoot will be least of the worries. Besides Bina, make up with Nadya Hussain is elegant and charming; brides look smashing, since their makeup complements their natural beauty and charm.

Bina Khan is highly recommended to make the big day similar to that imagined!!

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