Brigadier Muhammad Abdullah Appointed As New DHA Karachi Administrator

Brig Muhammad AbdullahBrigadier Muhammad Abdullah has taken over the charge of Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi as Aministrator recently. He took the helm of affairs after Brigadier Aamer Raza Qureshi retired as DHA administrator recently.

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  1. Sohail Ibrahim says:

    Repected Sir ,
    Assalam-u-Alaikum , Hope fine.
    Sir, I have discussed you about my matter and submitted my application about my resignation from DA SKBZ College. I visited number of times your office but may be your busy schedule your P.A and others staff not allowed me to see you. I am still waiting for your kind Response whcih is not only for me but benefiticial for your DHA educational institutions too and larger interst of justice.

    Thanking you,

    Sincerely yours,
    Sohail Ibrahim
    (M.Sc, M.Ed)

  2. Iqbal Ahmed says:

    Why is DHA renting out the cricket ground on rahat for commercial activities? What is the charter / lease status of this land. Is it an amenity plot? a public park or shaadi ka hall?
    We are sick and tired by the nuisance that is being created. Loud music, traffic, workers shouting and screaming..all in the middle of the night..
    Seems like DHA is only interested in monetary benefits and care little about its residents.

    • Sohail Ibrahim says:

      Sir, Still I am waiting for your kind response and your staff members is not allowing me to see you why, even my personal file with original letters is not received to me which I left for your kind consideration.

      Pl; see and decide it , its very humbly request to you for the larger interest of Institution as well justice.

      Sincerely yours,
      Sohail Ibrahim

  3. Muhammad Ishaque Qureshi says:


    With due respect it is stated as under:-
    That on visiting the graveyard situated behind the DHA Head Office Phase I to offer Fateha of my parents, I was shocked to see that there were so many graves raised over the old ones because of unauthorized burials.

    On enquiry, I was told by the persons usually found working there, that this is all being done by the contractor with the help of chowkidar, who erase old or sandy graves and re allot them for new burials for certain amount of money.

    The relevant contract when found there first denied his unethical act but when the other caretakers blame him for such a horrific act, he fled from the scene.

    Since many dignitaries including civilian and defence personnel are lying there and the area falls under the jurisdiction of DHA, and the nature of crime is severe and horrific, therefore it is requested that the necessary severe actions should be taken against the culprits whosoever without any discrimination and the undersigned may kindly be informed with due effect.
    Looking forward.
    Yours truly,

    Cell No. 0345-2389979
    CNIC 42000-0363645-7

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