There is No Way Like Broadway – Perfect Pizza Showdown!

Nearly a decade ago or more, Pakistan became host to a few known international fast food franchises- for the people here it was the leap of a millennium to see the famous fast food chains in their cities. The response from the people was over whelming- quite a few knew about the international food chains while many were anxious experimenters to see what fast food from a international chain felt like.

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It did not take long for the trend to eat at these international fast food outlets become a norm. People from far and wide would travel for the sake of enjoying and proudly boasting about being customers at these eateries. Initially the prices were sky rocketing and for the people back then it meant a hefty sum out of their expenditures that was being spent on just burgers and pizzas when the same amount could feed an army of 25 people at any other regular restaurant or at home.

Nevertheless people of K-town welcomed and became loyal fans of these international fast food chains- it was considered a matter or great pride and honor back then to take guests or family out for a dinner at such a restaurant given the cost and international status of the place. One of the fast foods which was widely accepted with great fervor was Pizza- the concept was extremely new to the locals who did not consider pizza as a meal nor were they convinced of its taste.

But all of that and a lot more changed right after people started enjoying their pizzas’. Within a matter of a year or more pizza became the favorite dish which was altered to the local palates and often baked at home by the women for the children. To this day no one refuses a good cheesy slice of pizza.

A pizza has veggies, meat, cheese and a bread base all of which together provide a complete meal. It must be remembered that anytime a new cuisine is introduced, it is only a matter of till the competition begins because a lot of people have stepped into the world of entrepreneurship and with the seed capital in reach- such endeavors are worth a shot.

Broadway Pizza - DHA KarachiA good pizza should be smothered in stringy cheese with oodles of meat and veggies to bring about great flavor. Keeping that view in mind many women and eateries around K-town produced pizzas ranging from very desi flavors to completely western, but pizza is best when served hot and huge.

Yes, you read it correctly we mean huge. Huge pizza slices from gigantic pizzas are the ‘IN’ fad these days and no one does pizzas better than BROADWAY– Broadway serves pizza which are 20 inches in size.

Address: 25-C, Lane-1, Rahat Commercial Area, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
UAN: 111-339-339

Pizzas from Broadway offer the best and most generous toppings when it comes to the meat and cheese quantities which makes every bite worth the money paid. Broadway pizza offers home delivery services- the pizza reaches piping hot with a wide range of sauces. Jalapeno, Ranch, Chili Mayo are some of the sauces which complement the meaty pizzas.

Customers can choose between a thin crust or a deep pan as per their liking. The delivery is prompt and pizza of the highest quality. This weekend set up a get together and order Broadway- the surest way to enjoy the weekend.

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