Brunch By The Sea at Sajjad Restaurant

Breakfast as nutritionists say is the most important meal of the day; the meal of the previous night provides the required energy throughout the night and is digested before morning. A healthy breakfast will suffice till lunch hours without the constant bother of the hunger pangs which often divert attention from work.

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Healthy breakfast will have a combination of protein, fibers and caffeine, all of which will be good enough and packed full of energy. People now give far greater emphasis to the calories intake per meal than they did before. A simple reason is attributed to this change in diet and eating trends- people are now health conscious. Calorie intake per meal firstly depends on the elements present on the plate in terms of carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and fiber and secondly on the portioning size.

Throughout the week, people tend to focus on eating healthy and maintaining a status quo in their diet regimes- in all honestly not an easy task- especially with the lure of the desi specialties being cooked around daily. Deviating from the diet once a week and indulging in traditional savouries to hearts content is permissible; nothing beats a hearty meal enjoyed by the sea with family and friends. Cherry on the cake would be if this meal is on a Sunday- so one can enjoy the delicacies without worrying about pending work hours.

Sajjad Restaurant at Do Darya - DHA Karachi

Without further ado, gear up for such a foodie festival at Sajjad Restaurant located at Do Darya. A Sunday brunch at Sajjad Restaurant is a treat for the entire family- women can enjoy a day off from work, while men can indulge in local desi delights without any guilt.

Address: Do Darya, Beach Avenue, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi. [Location Map]
Phone: 0301-8229808, 021-32005036, 021-32046556

The spread offered at Sajjad Restaurant is similar to that offered to Greek gods- lavish in quantity and quality. Visitors can start off with salads; be it Russian, coleslaw or apple and cabbage- the choices for salads has just begun with these options. The salads are fresh and creamy at the same time, though not very heavy which would put off the rest of the meal.

A brunch in not ever complete without two components: eggs (made to preference) and halwa puri. These are often the highlights of brunches at home as well. Sounds very similar to all the other brunches so far, but this is where the real deal strikes when the aroma of fresh barbecue wafts towards the visitors. Bingo! Barbecue for brunch- authentically desi and done to perfection reshmi kebabs and chicken boti. The smell of burning charcoal is tantalizing on a hungry stomach. The sight of spicy chicken jalfrezi, chicken karhai or the aromatic sindhi pulao are mouthwatering for anyone adhering to strict diets throughout the week.

On this food expedition, many will enjoy dipping hot piping naans in mutton paye. Feasting on these delicacies by the sea on a weekend day could not be more satisfying than it already is. Food heaven right here without the stress of cooking or preparing. An unforgivable sin would be to not try the shahi tukre or kheer for dessert. Both of which are perfect endings to a delightful brunch. Sunday brunch at Sajjad Restaurant costs Rs 795 per adult while children under 10 eat for free.

Wait for the upcoming Sunday with patience and stick to the healthy diet throughout the week because a brunch at Sajjad is the way to spoil yourself.

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