Brunch Wagera 2 at Coffee Wagera

Coffee Wagera knew the kind of response they were going to get for Brunch Wagera 2, and that’s why they planned to do two shifts of four hours each this time, accommodating 12 chefs in all. And here’s the final list for Sunday 23rd Sep, 2018:

First shift: 12 noon till 4pm

1. Atiya Ay of Sweet N Savoury: Creamy Chicken Roses and Chocolate Swirls
2. Dania Yousuf of Caterpillar Bakers: Beef Mini Burgers and Caramel Chocolate Shortbread
3. Halima Khalid of Bakerazy: Mini Cheesecake and Eclairs
4. Mavaddah Najam of Ammi Ke Pakwan: Beef Shami Kabab and Meethay Dahi Baray
5. Sadaf Yasir of Sweeductions: Banana Breads and Banana Cinnamon Crumble Muffin
6. Zahra Khalid of Al Afiyaah Kitchens: Chicken Pie and Keto Brownies

Second Shift: 5pm till 9pm

1. Hira Bashir: Beef Lasagna and Pineapple Cake
2. Mehvish Irshad of Kook Caterers: Beef Shami Kabab and Bite-sized Truffles
3. Nabila Iftikhar of Cioccolato: Nutella Banana Walnut Bread and Chocolate Barks
4. Nafees Halai of Picklenary: Spinach Pie and Khaman Dhokla
5. Saman Hozaifa of Saleema’s Kitchen: Chicken Lollipop and Chicken Pita Pocket
6. Zohra Deshmukh of Zo’s Sweetopia: Strawberry Mini Cheesecake and Granola Bars


  • Everything will be Rs.200 or less per piece/portion.
  • Customers will pay directly to the chefs they buy from.
  • Credit cards won’t be accepted by the chefs.
  • Coffee Wagera is not charging any venue cost or profit-sharing.
  • Expect a lot of crowd, slightly more waiting time for beverages, and perhaps no place to sit and chill at some hours.
  • But also expect some awesome food items at very reasonable prices, an opportunity to network with foodies/chefs, and a lot of energy and excitement.
  • Every customer will be expected to buy at least a beverage from Coffee Wagera, even if you are there just to support the chefs and sample their food.

Please join Coffee Wagera’s mission to support women empowerment and female entrepreneurship by showing up at the event, ideally in both shifts!

Address: Street 5, Badar Commercial Area, DHA V Karachi, Pakistan
Contact number: (021) 35849946

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