Brunching at ‘The Patio’

Weekends should be relaxed, with nothing much to do except lounge around in casual clothes while sipping tea in front of the television. Because quite frankly after a hectic and chaotic work week, very few people have the energy to think up of or take part in physical activities such as gym or swimming or going down for long drives.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

A great weekend is when the day is relaxed and spent with the family in the comforts of their home. Oh and one another essential element to a fabulous weekend is the liberty of getting up as late as one wants, without having to worry about the office timings or the tight schedule of dropping kids to school.

Perfect weekends need perfect meals whether in the comfort of the home or in a similarly quite ambiance elsewhere in a restaurant. The main stream restaurants and cafes are packed on weekdays, so forget about being able to get a table on the weekend especially at a time of leisure. It is such cruelty if the customers have to wait in long queues just to be seated in a noisy ambiance with loud blaring music and be served food after the wait of an hour- there goes the perfect weekend right out of the window.

What the mad doctor ordered is a quiet peaceful brunch in a serene ambiance. Too much to ask after a chaotic week? All those people who feel the need of such a Sunday outing, will probably sigh with disappointment since it is near to impossible.

The Patio - Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Another feat about the weekend is being able to enjoy a meal at the time of one’s leisure and not according to the clock. Letting go of the daily hassles on the weekend can help rejuvenate people for work the next Monday morning. All of this seems too good to be true, while many weekends are spent at home relaxing, sometimes it is better to head to a restaurant and enjoy.

So essentially brunch on weekend and that too not halwa puri is what makes it more worthy. For such brunch hour needs on a lazy weekend head over to The Patio. Astonished? Do not be because this restaurant is actually known as ‘The Patio’.

Address: F-50/1, Block-4 ,Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 0213-5309871 and 0300-8291936

Brunch at “The Patio” is a meal no one can go wrong with. To try is the delicious Eggs Benedict with a huge creamy dollop of Hollandaise sauce with dill- these eggs are so divine, that people from far and wide across the city head to enjoy them.

Another must have dish on the menu is the Lobster omelet which is somewhat priced on the steeper side, but full of distinct yummy flavors. The pancakes are served with caramelized bananas and a strawberry compote. A brunch at The Patio is an exciting affair given the wide range of choices. Weekend brunches were never better.

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