Bubble Wubble – Tea With a Twist!

For the past few decades, tea has been the brew of choice for everyone, especially for the people of the sub-continent. So really, tea has been the preferred beverage since aeons. Tea is special in more ways than one- a simple hot steaming cup of tea can revitalize the senses. Ironically, tea being a hot beverage is much loved during the summer months.

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A cup in the morning is a must in order to wake up for most of the people; another cup follows by the early afternoon maybe or after lunch and a final cup in the evening. Tea addicts have found ways to enjoy the brew even in the sweltering summers of Karachi.

Bubble Wubble - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Ever had guests over in the summer months and asked them which kind of a beverage would they like; the request that comes in is for tea. Yes! Tea, surprisingly even in the most extreme summer weather has a tendency to cool. Besides the tradition for having tea, it has numerous health benefits as well. A trending tradition is seen, tea is loved for numerous and uncountable reasons.

Tea can be either consumed as black or the British way with milk. Then come the variation and flavoured tea- traditionally speaking tea is flavoured with saffron or cardamom, both of which are authentic eastern and middle-eastern spices. It’s a twist but not something extraordinarily new. It is a change from the ordinary for sure.

Trending in Karachi these days is a new twist on the loved beverage tea. This twist will have the consumer spinning around in circles with the little bursts of flavor in the mouth. Not only is this new, it is also unique. Tea with a twist of textures; is that surprising? It is unheard of locally and this is what we call a real twist.

Bubble Wubble - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Introducing the newest tea innovation on the block which has created shock waves drawing customers from all around the city, this is Bubble Wubble.

Phone: 0334-2880263 and 0334-2880324
Email: info@bubblewubble.com.pk
Website: http://www.bubblewubble.com.pk

Bubble Wubble is a tea brand providing the most exciting flavors of boba or bubble tea. It is a drink made from tea base with fruit flavors or milk. The exciting bit is that the drink is made with a tea base, but a wide variety of fruit flavours are incorporated in the textural forms of little bubbles.

Bubble Wubble - DHA and Clifton Karachi

The cooling effect of the drink becomes further enhanced with the zingy or tropical fruit flavoured bubbles. Twenty (20) exciting flavours are available at Bubble Wubble; the most loved flavours are blueberry, apple, mango and lychee. Novices can begin with fruit flavours like orange, lemon or mango or fruits which are locally available and a taste for which is developed already.

The pros however can move onto exciting tropical kiwi or passion fruit- rest assured once Bubble or Boba tea hits the spot, this will become the only favourite drink. Plan out an outing soon and head to Bubble Wubble for a delicious glass of boba tea!

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