Building Resilience: Prepare Yourself To Thrive In Challenging at PIM

Resilience is defined as a set of processes that enables good outcomes in spite of serious threats. The managers can’t avoid challenges in the workplace, but what they can do is build and practice their resilience. They can learn to identify, manage and bounce back from these challenges with energy, effectiveness, and positive action. The Manager’s Role in Resilience is twofold. One is to have a ‘will do’ approach to facing up to the challenge and tackling it without difficulty. The second is to ensure the workforce has a positive and robust attitude in times of crisis and change.

Venue: Pakistan Institue of Management (PIM) Management House, Shahra-e-Iran, Clifton, Karachi.
Date: 20th & 21st January, 2020.
Time: 9:30 am
Event Link:

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