Burger Lab Wins Over!

Americans are the known inventors of fast food- a bite to grab on the go because quite frankly 24 hours are less when it comes to working and managing home together. It is an insane task to work during the day and come back to piles of laundry or utensils for washing because they do not enjoy the comforts of house cleaning services like we do.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Feeling blessed aren’t we? Well we should and have all the right to be grateful for the cleaning help that walks in our homes during the early morning hours- a sigh of relief escapes from the mouth of nearly everyone. Truth be told, fast food is part of fine dining experience here in Karachi for one very simple reason; we can walk in and grab a complete meal in the comfortable ambience of a restaurant that would be centrally located.

Easy and takes care of the cooking for the family for one part of the day and surprisingly no one will ever object. But it is not possible to leave the cooking completely and dine out in restaurants all the time, even with the most extensive budgets, there has got to be an end. So really if fast food becomes fine dining, it will certainly not be pocket friendly in the long run and so the mind begins to churn and think up of alternative substitutes: bun kebabs anyone?

Good for once or twice only- bun kebabs stand nowhere near the status of fast food. Americas favourite fast food is burgers or pizza, guess what the very same rule applies here in K-town as well. It is true because the number of affordable local fast food joints have begun to work and do business in full swing which is indicator number one in their success.

Burger Lab Khayaban-e-Rahat Phase 6 DHA Karachi

Lest we get tangled in the intricacies of the fast food business, we should begin to explore the best and most loved local burger joint in K-town. Everyone have the right to their views but one burger joint wins it over by a sweeping majority and that joint is: Burger Lab.

Address: Shop # 1, Plot 1-6C, Khayaban-e-Rahat, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35857907
Email: contact.burgerlab@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burgerlabpk

Burger Lab offers burgers which are loved by the people for their taste and delicious combinations. The first choice to begin with at burger lab is the chilli poppers; they are chillies emptied out and stuffed with a cheesy mixture. The recently added Cheesy cheese bolts are stringy piping hot cheese sticks fried till a deep golden brown on the outside, but beware before you take the first bite because gushing out will be oodles of stringy cheese.

Highly recommended are the beef Big Bang Burger and the Lab’s original burger as well- the beef is juicy and succulent and paired with delicious sauces to set the right balance of flavours. The chicken burgers are somewhat less moist in comparison to the beef burgers, but they do not miss the mark in terms of flavour and quality.

Accompany each meal with a side line of curly fries or chilli poppers to make the meal extra special. Dining in at the Burger Lab will be the best burger experience amongst all those scattered around K-town- guaranteed!

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    This is Farah Naz from burger family . Gulshan
    I want to upload the deals of my restaurant on your page as we deliver in dha . Kindly describe me the process
    Farah Naz

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