Cafe Aylanto

As a world of change and competition, not only life changers try their best to make world a better place to live in, but also use their art and taste in cuisine & food to prominent their work to achieve peoples’ heart.

The saying goes ‘to win someone heart, should go to their mouth to their abdomen’.

As time goes, not only demand of different taste, style and flavors circulate but also give a strong challenge to food industry and chefs as well. Spices travel region to region beyond geographical barriers and enhance the taste of cuisines.

Talking about fine dine and food court services in Pakistan; Karachi always reserves the first place serving unforgettable taste of cuisine in elegant and mouth watering form. Karachi has several such restaurants that already had earned the name in growing fine dining scene. Defence and Clifton are the most busy streets for foodies with all standard of food from Middle Eastern, Chinese’s, Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, Continental dishes with amazing combination of ingredients from simple to complicated way of making food to elegantly serving method in artistic presentation style. 

With the tag of sophistication and ambiance quality to quantity purpose, CAFE AYLANTO, an Italian restaurant comes first in mind. Mediterranean cuisine with an upscale and repeated atmosphere of ambiance and relaxation. It represent spacious locale with the sleek contemporary decor of indoor and outdoor both. With most amazing culinary skills to serving ideas with prestigious handling it open a new era for food lovers. 

After a huge popularity in Lahore , cafe Aylanto is now serving in Karachi and Islamabad as well with simple yet expensive price tag, but after eating their cuisines its worth it. Not only renowned as a brand of Mediterranean cuisine but also a hub of household with international high quality of food from preservation to elegance with sophistication.

Located at the most popular food street of Block 4, Clifton. They offer their guest an extremely extraordinary taste of Mediterranean cuisine with culinary sensation and a consistently pleasurable dining experience. Its a perfect place for date and romantic nights as well. It brings together characteristics and specialty of a cozy twist of new age fusion. The usual menu basically a mix of Pastas, Sandwiches, Steaks, Soups and Dessert in starting with frozen and hot drinks. Now newly innovated and delicious cuisines and items are frequently adding with perfect reflection of international culinary taste of flavors and blend of spices. 

The restaurant first started out as a Posh Deli serving Gourmet, Sandwiches and Delicacies using different ingredients with authentic Italian dishes and Beverages, which are rarity in our country. The cafe make sure about its product should be superb quality with easily eatable ingredients with various standards and checks are in place to overcome any demand on time, also to maintain quality control. The restaurant also brings executive chef from Abroad time to time to train the kitchen staff in order just to keep up to date with international standards of taste and trends of serving culinary art in food and beverages industry.

The eatery is also well equipped with its own bakery and butchers just to avoid health issues and hygiene purpose, which provide most of what is then served to guest when they dine. Their specialties for cuisine rapidly increasing such as Pan-Seared Norwegian Pink Salmon, Smoke Salmon Gravlax, Flame-Grilled Tenderloin, Quick Seared Filled Of Beef, Warm Avocado and Prawns, Grilled Lobster with Garlic Butter, Entrecote Café de Paris, Ravioli with Sage and Gruyere, Pan Seared Red Snapper with pine nut buerre Noisette, Seasonal Vegetable and Citrus Aioli, Succulent Steak topped with Rocket Leaves, Drizzled in Garlic infused Olive Oil, served with sautéed Mushrooms and vegetable Timbate. Not their menu stop here, the Roquefort Cheese with grilled Garlic and Rosemary, The Fiery chili side as well all super yummiclious.

Cafe Aylanto offers unique dining environment with areas of the restaurant specifically catered to different taste and environment. Its location influenced amazing view and lift up your mood naturally with sun set views reflection. Cafe Aylanto is mostly popular in young generation for its mesmerizing view and elegant sitting area for comfort zone under direct moon light. Kids are also welcome in cafes ‘family dining area’, which offer a non-smoking atmosphere and brighter lighting making it more suitable for children and families,. You can also choose lounge area for quite and romantic ambiguous preference fine dining. The patio area also offering with mist fans to cool summer and heating lamps for cold and crisp winter evenings. Cafe Aylanto also provide private parties reservation for up to 20 people sitting facilities. 

Apart from the exotic food, their elegant ambiance is also worth praising. By dining here, guest get to enter into a state of complete relaxation. Monthly special always design specifically while keeping seasonal produce and trends in mind. Its sources always work with highest quality  produces both local and imported guarantee satisfy you about health and flavors tremendously. All items condiments on the menu are prepared in-house to ensure quality and a wide range of herbs are all mostly home-grown to make sure their freshness and excellent flavors.

For foodies, who desperately want to celebrate major life milestones, make their day memorable, to propose your love, should be plan a special day with friends and family or a romantic eve. Its an ideal place to head on over to. Cafe Aylanto charismatic atmosphere and ambiance in taste made you fall in love with Mediterranean cuisines. Its Sunday brunch are savour delight. Attentive service methods with well behaved and humble cooperative staff always serves you kindly with warm smile also helps you to order what specialty you should need to choose for eating. If you are looking for something new yet yummiclious dining place, you are always welcome in CAFE AYLANTO to dining fine

Address: D 141, block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan-7560
Contact: (021) 35309868

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