Café Ocoa at Orrey

Coffee houses have become pit-stops around Karachi. A coffee house pops open every now and then with a new twist, but the reality is quite opposite. Even though the primary brew is coffee, the food served is monotonous and dull. Menu from one will be nearly similar to the rest. The food and menu lack zing, but because the customers are loyal and seldom change course- the coffee houses have taken a back seat while enjoying the ringing of the cash till.

Best Cafés in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Business is booming as people turn up in droves from 8 am till late in the night for breakfast, lunch, dinner or some snacks. The quality of food at all the coffee houses is great, but once or twice, customers tend to look around for an innovation on the menu. They trust the eateries and thus expect them to surprise them sometimes with a treat.

Café Ocoa at Orrey - Clifton Karachi

Some cafes cater specifically to the young crowd while others have a mixed customer base. The thought or news of another coffee house opening soon will be met with great fervor because they are now considered as the ideal locations to eat and enjoy at. The new coffee house or café or restaurant for that matter which is about to step into the arena had better be prepared to wrestle the most loyal customer following from the most established names.

The art of fine dining in Karachi has just begun; the response so far is terrific. With the likes of restaurants like Orrey introducing their first project Estrela to a smashing success is one factor which hints at the peoples changing taste buds.

Estrela since its launch has created waves amongst the people of K-town- the social media forums are flooded by delightful comments from food enthusiasts, all of whom have given the restaurant a five star rating. The comments and recommendations from fans and foodie’s speak volumes about the quality of food, ambience and service. Estrela is serving food like no other restaurant.

Café Ocoa at Orrey - Clifton KarachiCafé Ocoa is the second of the three restaurants to be launched by Orrey this year on 5th of February. Café Ocoa is an intimate space to enjoy an aperitif (non-alcoholic drink before a meal) or a strong coffee brew.

The set up for Café Ocoa is exquisitely modern sporting a cigar lounge. It is the perfect spot to go to with a bunch of friends from work or with the family.

Address: Plot # F-44, Block 04, KDA Scheme 05, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35878738-9

Café Ocoa warmly welcomes all walk-ins, instantaneously all thoughts and work worries are erased from the mind. The cigar lounge is a treat for all the men; they will be reminded of the Cuban and Italian lounges. Men will especially love café ocoa while the young crowd might find the place a tad bit too serious for their taste unless, they love an aperitif or a strong coffee brew in a classic ambience.

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