Café Round One

Food around the world is split into different categories- it begins from the food trucks or food stalls and ends at fine dining. Cuisines from around the world will always have something in each level. In Pakistan cafes were initially considered as too main stream; a place for the youth to get together at and enjoy, but lately that perspective has gone into retrospect.

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Today the cafes are crowded by people of all the generations without any gender or ages differences. One for all and all for one. With the summer vacations beginning after an arduous year of studies and exams, the youth does need a good break. This break can preferably be a vacation abroad or a trip far up north, but in case both the options fail to materialize owing to the uncertainty of current scenarios; the youth is in for dooms.

Café Round One - Khayaban-e-Seher off Saba Avenue Phase 6 DHA KarachiSuch a failed idea can just mean constant squabbling with the guardians over going out and staying out late. There goes the perfect summer holidays a young boy or girl dreams off. Chilling out in malls can become extremely boring after sometimes, given the same monotonous food and noisy crowd.

Head where to then if the heart desires good food and some quality time with friends without having to being broke for the rest of the month. The usual coffee houses are costly and have moved a notch up towards fine dining, as a result of which they do not fit the ultimate choice of the youth for a hang out.

The answer to all of this dilemma is understood only by those who have either suffered a boring holiday are currently serving one. But it is time, we raise the curtain and lift up the despairing hopes by unveiling the name of a new friendly hangout place: CAFÉ ROUND ONE.

Address: Plot 55C, Main Khayaban-e- Sehar, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35243324

This new café is a one stop eatery offering cuisines from around the world as per the name of the café “Round One”, the variety on the menu takes one round to spin across the globe on the wings of culinary delights. To start the food journey at CAFÉ ROUND ONE, it is best to begin with the starters: a basket full of fries with a choice of topping or plain as they are. If the fries are not enough to satiate the hunger pangs, it would be great to share a plate of crispy fried chicken wings with a honey and mustard sauce.

If one likes burgers, the variety being offered is unlimited in chicken and beef both. The specialty at Café Round One are the steaks- especially- the French Onion or the Pesto Chicken Steaks. The steaks are served with a mountain load of French fries. Wash down these delights with a refreshing blue lemonade or a fruit punch. This summer, eat out at Café Round One without the worry of being broke too soon.

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