California Pizza – Bigger Size, Better Taste!

Every country has a specialty it proudly presents to the world, which also becomes its signature. This specialty maybe a local dish, a world famous monument, a natural beauty or a manmade structure. Nevertheless a country or city may become recognizable because of that one signature specialty. For example, Malaysia is well known for the Petrona Towers, whereas Dubai is best known by The Palm Jumeriah or The Burj AlArab. Likewise Italy is well known for their pizzas and pastas.

Italians love cheese and so pizza is one meal an Italian family will never say no too and the same is the case with pastas. Even though pizza and pasta are originally signature dishes from the Italian cuisines, they were quickly adopted by the Americans.

Surprisingly today all the best international food franchises offering pizza or pastas are American. Both the dishes are fairly easy to prepare and cook in the least amount of time if prepped correctly. Pizzas have moved across the Italian borders and moved into the sub-continent. This transition has not been easy rather it has changed the flavor n look of the pizzas completely.

California Pizza - DHA and Clifton Karachi

The greater population of India is vegetarian thus the veggie pizza with different combinations while the people of Pakistan are pure meat lovers so the much loved extra meaty toppings. All in all pizzas have soon become the favourite dish of the children and the adults, it is prepared at home or can be ordered in from one of the many pizza parlors scattered across k-town.

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The big question is if the case is about ordering the pizza, which eatery to pick out. Currently an insane pizza war rages across the city amongst the pizza joints; each joint offering something new such as the biggest or the heaviest sides. People today have a far greater variety than before when it comes down to opting for the best pizza parlor.

California Pizza - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Pizzas are one element which can be ordered, but the innovation on the sidelines has been tremendous. Sidelines today are not just Garlic bread with or without cheese, on the contrary they include spicy wings, jalapeno balls, mozzarella sticks, mini wraps or salads. Pizzas are now accompanied by a wide range of dips as well which makes the feast all the more pleasurable.

Amongst all the pizza giants competing for market space and consumer loyalty, one Pizza joint holds its head down and keeps doing what it does best- serve the most delicious piping hot flavorsome pizza in all of the city. California Pizza is offering the cheesiest pizza with a huge variety of toppings from vegetarian’s right down to a meat loaded version. All of this without hurting the budget and feeding a huge gathering of people or a large family for that matter.

California Pizza - DHA and Clifton Karachi

California Pizza is located at Main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer near Café Clifton, the road leading to Sea View. Head out to the sea with a delicious pizza from California Pizza.

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