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Weddings are special. As girls grow up, the idea of a fairy tale wedding strengthens. They dream about the big day, about what their to-be-husband would look like, how would the dress be like finally ending with a classic fairy tale occasion.

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An occasion of such elegance and magnificence, that people would be left talking about it for years. It is a dream every girl has – one they would like to see come true in its entire splendor. May be it is the culture which instills in young girls these thoughts as they see the world around them or it is the fairy tales read to them during the early childhood days which leaves them dreaming.

Either ways it is a dream till the day a girl finds herself being hugged constantly by family and friends, congratulating her on the newly founded relationship of a to-be-wife. Life spins around in a 360 degree turn for everyone; suddenly there are calls from relatives and friends giving their best wishes, Facebook walls are flooded while the girl is over whelmed each time she thinks.

Initially, it becomes rather difficult to take in all of the happenings; there is a lot to process for the girl and the family. A bundle of joyous emotions floods through; there are frantic calls to the close relatives and friends to come over so the engagement or wedding preparations begin.

Mother of the bride will get teary eyed every now and then when she see her daughter; an extremely emotional journey for the family of the bride and groom. Sometimes, all the preparations tend to get a little bit too over whelming for the bride, her family and the friends. Even though the big day is rather far away, the frantic preparations are exhaustive.

Dressing Table Salon & Spa - DHA Karachi

An exhausted bride, family and friends will do little to make the work that needs to be done easier. Thus we recommend a day at the Dressing Table Salon & Spa.

Address: 47-C, Main Khayaban-e-Sehar, Near Saba Avenue, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35243227, 021-35243228 and 0301-2579060
Timings: 11:00am – 8:30pm (Mon-Sun)

A day dedicated solely for pampering the bride, bride’s mother, sisters, cousins and friends. In essence a ladies day out to de-stress before the pressure cracks one of them. Dressing Table Salon & Spa is a Candy store of beauty services for ladies. The bride and her entourage can indulge in the full service salon and spa treatment while at Dressing Table.

The vision for this concept is a “Place where ladies love to prep and relax’ in a vintage old beauty inspired style of the 1960’s when it wasn’t considered a chore to be at the salon but a fun day out- with girlfriends, moms or for the bride to be and her entourage.

Hair dos at Dressing Table Salon & Spa are aesthetically appealing- a hair do could be a simple Rapunzel tail embedded with real flowers or a blow-dry done to perfection. Hair colour and styling does not get any better than those being offered at the Dressing Table Salon & Spa.

Besides a hair treatment, the bride can indulge in a relaxing skin treatment just to add an additional touch of glow, while the entourage can indulge in manicure and pedicures. When at Dressing Table Salon & Spa, rest assured, the bride and her entourage will be treated royally. All worries and stress will disappear for the bride and her entourage, once they step foot in this arena of pampering and care. The staff is warm and welcoming; the experience is similar to that of having one’s own stylist.

Take a day out of all that frantic prep and make way to the paradise of comfort and pampering at Dressing Table Salon & Spa.

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