Celebrate Independence Day 2018 in a Unique Way!

Pak Sar Zameen Shaadbaaad! Happy Independence Day to all of you out there. It is a day to be proud of yourself and to celebrate like Eid – because being free and unbound is a blessing to covet.

All of us say many great things about this day and of course love our beloved homeland, but most of us spend this day like a couch potato – day dreaming, sleeping and generally being non-purposeful even when we step out – because it is holiday and although we want to make this day memorable we just do not know how to do so. So here are some ideas about how to spend this Independence Day in a purposeful and beneficial manner. Straight on to it!

Visit Mazaar-e-Quaid:

Paying homage to the Founder and participating in the flag raising ceremony is a landmark to start celebrating this happy day. The feeling of joy as you see the Flag of the Nation climbing up, the electrifying feeling as it unfurls in the air above everyone and everything, the congregation all reciting the National Anthem in one voice and the eagle-eyed guards of the tomb standing straight and alert — the emotion is just too much to describe in words. It is bound to be a lasting memory of this day.

Look around for stray flags:

Everyone should follow this as a religious ritual, I say. Everyone is so excited to decorate homes, lanes and parks with these smaller versions of the Pakistani flag and they are used in abundance. Very good. But the real hurtful issue is that these small flags tend to tear easily and can be seen on the ground before, during and after the big day. Make yourself proud this day by visiting nearby areas and not only collecting stray paper flags but encouraging others to follow suit. Because the flag of the nation should always be held high!

Organize and participate in cleaning campaigns:

This can be a really memorable marker – to spend Independence Day serving your homeland by making it a more beautiful, healthier and less polluted place. And by pollution I do not mean land pollution only (though it is certainly an important issue). I also mean:

  1. Air pollution (less smoking, avoid burning trash),
  2. Noise pollution (less horns more patience; low sounding music)
  3. Light pollution (shut down extra lights to both conserve electricity and to balance ecosystem)
  4. Water pollution (avoid throwing litter in water fords)
  5. You can start it from your house, your family, your area. Good luck!

Get rid of at least one bad habit:

It can be anything. Just a small one. Resolve to keep your dresser clean, for example, and stick to it for the whole day. Remember that freedom should also be secured against negative habits and thoughts. You would feel much encouraged and contented at the end of the day.

Spend time with family and revise the events leading to Independence:

It is essential to revise and commemorate the past events that led to this day of liberation so as to keep the cause and cost of Pakistan alive. To know the history, to learn from the past and be better in the future, to love this homeland and to strive for its betterment, and to share the patriotism with your family – 14th August is the best day for this activity because people are usually more prone to participate due to emotional attachment to the day.

Decorate, Dress up and Indulge:

And since it is a day to celebrate and be merry, partying is of course in order. Decorate your place, dress up in green and white, invite people over or go out to shop and eat as much as you want. A toast to freedom because it is hard-gained and precious!

These are just a few things you can spend this Independence Day through. Get as creative as you can for the betterment of this beloved motherland.

Tera Pakistan Hai Ye Mera Pakistan Hai!

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