Celebrating 66 Years of Motorcycles in Pakistan

God Forsaken nuisance transport is the term we often use to address the numerous bikes that cross our paths during traffic hours without taking into consideration any traffic rule. Moreover God help all those who live by the sea because they have to hear the infernal noises of the bikes, manned by youth who have not yet sprung a moustache.

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The youth riding these bikes will make it a point to take out the silencer so as to create tremendous noises with their stunts in the middle of the traffic, not only is it careless, it is extremely risky, bearing consequences as severe as death or a lifetime of complete paralysis.

Riding bikes is not a sin, only the methods adopted are inappropriate and dangerous for those around as well. Serious bikers will pay heed to the precautionary measures and take the highest level of safety for themselves and those around them. Passionate bikers are in for a treat of a lifetime in the following month. A treat of a lifetime you ask? Well, yes! Serious bike lovers and those with a serious passion for the two wheeled vehicle will go to any lengths to ride and take precaution at the same time. The following month of April witnessed the grand 66 year celebrations of motorcycles in Pakistan. Is this not the best treat ever?

Celebrating 66 Years of Motorcycles in Pakistan

Biker owners find themselves mingling with the owners of the top of the line motorcycles. Harley Davidson, Triumph, BSA, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki Motorcycles shared the red carpet for the grand celebrations. The celebrations was held at The Forum from the 5th till the 6th of April 2014.

This event is known as the BIKERS SHOW and is being held in Karachi for the first time ever. The event presented a great opportunity for father-son bonding time over a shared hobby or an ideal day out witnessing the splendor of the world’s most expensive motorcycles.

On a second thought, why just the men and young boys? Young girls and women love an expensive bike; it is quite an interesting element, one which is exciting in prospect since women in Pakistan do not ride motorcycles unlike the women in other countries, but it does not mean they don’t share a love for the heavy duty metallic bikes.

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