Central Control Cell (CCC) Established To Facilitate Residents

Central Control Cell (CCC) Established To Facilitate ResidentsDHA has established a new facility for residents by the name of Central Control Cell (CCC) to help and guide the residents/applicants in completion of all formalities involved in the process of approval of Building Plan for construction of houses in DHA. CCC has already started functioning and is fully operational.

The setup established on the instruction of Commander 5 Corps, Lt Gen Muhammad Ijaz Chaudry, who is also President Executive Board DHA, is a user interface facility. At Central Control Cell the reps of DHA, Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) and Military Estate Office (MEO) involved in the intricate process of Building Plan approval would sit together under one roof to assist the residents in completion of all requisite formalities. One Window Operation would provide a great relief to the residents and drastically curtail the processing time to half.

Central Control Building is located at the front entrance of Main Office Complex of Defence Housing Authority in DHA Phase-I. At CCC there are separate counters for DHA, CBC and MEO reps. The three organizations work in complete unison and co-ordination to speed up the entire process. The system is fully computerized and will be monitored at the highest level to ensure transparency and smooth working of the process. A team of dedicated and courteous staff under a manager is available at CCC to facilitate and guide the residents.

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Central Control will monitor every case from the beginning till end through all the processing stages. CCC is open from Monday to Friday from 0930 Hrs to 1600 Hrs.

Central Control Cell (CCC) Established To Facilitate ResidentsDirector CCC Brig (R) Hassan Raza has urged the residents to visit CCC in person for their cases with full confidence and assurance. He has also advised the residents to preferably employ authorized architects for smooth and hassle-free processing of the case. All required forms and documents can be downloaded from DHA’s website www.dhakarachi.org.

The three agencies i.e. DHA, CBC and MEO are involved in the complicated process of Building Plan Approval. The process includes Issue of Site Plan by TP&BC Dte DHA, Execution of ‘A’ Lease by DHA Lease Deptt, Submission of Building Plan at CCC, Issue of Demarcation Letter by TP&BC Dte DHA and Issue of NOCs by DHA and CBC at various stages of construction of house. After completing the construction of house/building the allotee/transferee submits Completion Plan at DHA for obtaining approval and occupancy certificate. 99 years B&C leases are subsequently executed between MEO, DHA and the allotees/transferees giving the owner the legal right of ownership.

Administrator DHA Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi has complemented the Central Control Cell management for translating the conceptual idea into reality. He reiterated that DHA would continue to make concerted efforts for provision of best housing and residential facilities to residents.

[Source: DHA Karachi]

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