Ceremony for Destruction of Contra Banned Items

In the recent times a number of Sheesha Bars/Parlours have cropped up in the metropolis’s including DHA which are catalyst in making the young generation addicted to the menace of Sheesha smoking. Accordingly, DHA Vigilance teams conducted raids on various Sheesha Parlours in DHA and confiscated huge cache of smoking material.

A ceremony was held at Defence Authority Country & Golf Club to destroy/burn the equipment/material confiscated from sheesha parlours. Brig Muhammad Shoaib Anwer (Retd), Secretary DHA was the chief guest.

The concerted operation by DHA Vigilance was undertaken in pursuance with the instruction of Supreme Court which had ordered closure of all Sheesha Cafes in the province. A large quantity of material used in Sheesha Cafes including 670 Huqqas and related products like Sheesha powder/flavours and parts of huqqas were confiscated during the raids.

The Secretary appreciated the bold action of DHA Vigilance in eradicating Sheesha Parlours in DHA as they had become a monstrous eating the vitals of the society.

A large number of people including office bearers of DHA Residents’ Associations, notables of the metropolis, media and DHA Officials attended the ceremony.

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