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People of the subcontinent favour tea instead of coffee; well it can be said for the majority. Tea is the brew to begin any day with. It could be the scorching summer heat or the chilly winter mornings, nearly every person will wake up to a steaming cup of tea. Without tea, it seems like the morning has not just begun or the sun has not yet risen.

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Coffee has become a brew favoured by the people but only during winters; seldom will anyone opt for coffee in the scorching summer heat. If it comes down to a ratio between which caffeine brew has the most loyal and consistent fans; tea will win hands down.

Tea suffices in place of a meal for many people be it poor or rich; the caffeine rush and sudden upswing in the mood can be attributed to tea only. A brew preferred and introduced by the British during the raj in the subcontinent; tea quickly spread throughout South East Asia. It became part of the daily norm, finally infusing into the culture. Tea time for British was when they would sit down and enjoy a cup with some scones or pastry; a tradition still followed and loved.

It is the time when people usually catch up with what has been happening with the others and around them. The exact same rule now applies to tea time in the subcontinent- the tea is complemented with snacks- family or office colleagues sit down together and chit chat over a cup of this luscious brown elixir.

Chai Master - Shahbaz Commercial Area, DHA KarachiOriginally black tea was preferred but the english introduced milk as a component with a cube of sugar and voila we have now the milk tea. During office hours or a day at home, milk tea is a must at least twice a day. In case one comes across an individual who does not drink tea, astounded looks and a hail of questions begin because it is definitely not considered normal for people residing in the subcontinent to not have tea.

Anytime a guest visits, they are offered tea- it is the first sign of being hospitable and generous because a house may not have a drink to offer but tea will always be there.

With all the coffee houses sprinting up around the corners, it suddenly seemed like we would lose the tradition of having tea to the newly incorporated fashion for coffee consumption. An inappropriate thought undoubtedly because new on the block and creating popular waves is the Chai Master Cafe.

Address: 41-C, Lane 4, Shahbaz Commercial Area, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0311-2881777

Chai Master is the place to visit for all the chai cravings this year or anytime of the day! The most wanted and popular chai on the menu is the Disco Chai. Yes! Aptly named for this chai is strong, sweet and just what the mad doctor ordered on a weekend night out with family or friends.

Chai Master is open for breakfast offering a sumptuous array of Parathas and Fateera’s for the foodies. Chai and Breakfast at Chai Master is not to be missed at any cost!

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