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Pakistanis are extreme foodies and they share their love of food wherever they go around the globe – it is this love for food which often helps bridge the gaps between the various cultures. The new member in a neighborhood are often welcomed with a home cooked meal representing the authentic cooking style of their own culture, the idea is to welcome the people and introduce them to a culinary experience.

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As true foodies Pakistanis love desi and fast food- both cuisines are such that the people have fully accepted and incorporated as part of their lifestyle. But one another cuisine which shines above the other cuisines is Chinese. People in K-town love Chinese to the extent of ordering Chinese from road side food stalls or eateries- partly because the flavors are altered to suit the local palate and people love the combination of spices, meat and fresh veggies in a gravy.

Chairman Mao - DHA KarachiPeople in Karachi love spicy food and would seldom settle for anything lesser than mouth burning flavors; this might be astonishing for many but the masses love their food spicy and God help any cook who fails to balance the spices in the dish. Similarly Chinese cuisine is very versatile in terms of cooking time, technique and most importantly spices- the food is bursting full of flavors. Chinese cuisines requires an intricate balance of sweet, sour and spicy and it is this balance which tilts the scales in favor of the Chinese food!

In a town spread far and beyond the imaginable boundaries, Karachi is home to numerous restaurants offering ‘Chinese Food’; right from the road side stall till the kebab paratha wala eateries. The Chinese food made at these eateries is a watered down version of the real flavors- where every element is substituted with local spices and flavors to make it more palatable; surprisingly the masses consider this version of Chinese food the best available and are often seen thronging to enjoy. But for the real “Chinese Cuisine” trust the best and only one- CHAIRMAN MAO.

Phone: 021-35853333, 021-35350855, 021-35342424, 021-35843171

Chairman Mao is located in Phase 6, DHA and offers only delivery service for lunch and dinner. But one thing is for sure that authentic Chinese Cuisine is only served by Chairman Mao. The Chinese Menu is exquisite and elaborate in terms of the types and quality of meat choices. While all the dishes at Chairman Mao are divine, some tend to stand out more than the rest- General Chicken, Beef Chili Dry, Crispy Prawn in lemon and Kindo Prawn are mouthwatering dishes which will surely wow the taste buds.

Crispy fish never fails to hit a home run irrespective of when it is ordered. The food is fresh and made from the finest ingredients without altering the real taste of the cuisine. Chinese food from Chairman Mao is delivered hot and fresh in easy to manage boxes. The prompt delivery and service gives them an additional five stars of their commitment. It is slightly steeply priced but nevertheless the food is worth it.

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