Chatkharay – The Real Flavours of South East Asia!

Given the summer heat- cooking food and then sitting down for a meal becomes a task because quite literally every ounce of energy is sapped. All a person wants is to sit beneath the cool air from the fan or air conditioning with a chilled glass of a drink- relax and unwind. Say nothing beats a shot drip down to the nearest coffee shop to grab a chilled slush or a refreshing chillata.

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But a question which constantly makes an appearance as a question mark is why is it that the coffee shops are the only places to enjoy snacks and drinks at? There is more to eating out than just dropping by a trendy looking coffee outlet because that is what is in vogue. What about the tantalizing desi delights which are true treats for the taste buds and are sure shot winners of the snack competition anytime of the year.

Any time there is an outing or a craving for snacks- coffee houses it is. People do not tend to look beyond these high-end eateries serving pricey items which are prepared from ready to cook or frozen food. Once or twice or every fortnightly coffee restaurants make great hangouts but when the mood is for desi then there seems to be a problem.

Chatkharay - The Real Flavours of South East Asia! - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Firstly, desi delights are these little dishes created out of different chutneys and sauces- each one unique and far more tantalizing than the previous one. Secondly the desi delights are not just a simple cup of coffee brewed and made a cappuccino out off, instead the desi delights are a bombastic combination of well-balanced flavors and ingredients so every bite has an element of sweet, sour, tangy, crunch and a bit of freshness. So anytime a desi snack delight is mentioned, one item pops up in the mind instantly- Chaat. No place makes better Chaat than Chatkharay.

DHA: 27-C, Stadium Lane #2, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Clifton: Shop # 4 &5, Block 3, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35842684, 021-35845611 and 021-35848958

Chatkharay offers a wide variety of chaat, each one of which is far more delicious than the other, but at the end it is the personal preferences in Chaat which make it so much more special. Besides Chaat, Chatkharay offers South Indian Masala Dossa, Barbecue and sandwiches as well.

The world of Chaat at Chatkharay is infinite- stretching from the shore lines of Karachi to Bombay Chow patty and onwards right down to the coastal line of Sydney. Chaat is a light but bursting full of flavors dish made out of boiled chickpeas and dahi baras’ dressed in finely diced onions, tomatoes, potatoes smothered with spicy and tangy chutney finally topped with crunch deep fried papri similar to crackers. The best part is that a bowl or plate of chaat is low calorie based and renders no harm if consumed often.

When it comes down to the wire in the snack wars- Chatkharay wins hands down for its superb service, quality of food and tantalizing flavors.

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