Chatter Away at Chatterbox Café

Lunch or Hi-tea in restaurants can be very formal- there will be formal dressing and a certain air about being proper. Light topics are discussed over a cup of coffee or tea complemented with savory or sweet dishes. There will be gentle smiles and diplomatic statements, everything would be perfect- honestly a tad bit too perfect and plastic.

Best Cafés in DHA Karachi & Clifton

At times what one desires is a carefree casual lunch or coffee; step in and order a latte with a brownie and enjoy in a cozy ambiance. A thought that would surely cross the mind is: how about going to a coffee shop, but the coffee shops have become overcrowded.

Chatterbox Café Logo - Zamzama Commercial Area - DHA KarachiQuite literally even in the blaring summer heat, the numerous coffee shops around K-town are buzzing with customer, but sadly with the monotonous food choices- the irony being that the customers are loyal and consistent visitors. Coffee pit stops are popular for the simple reason of them being in vogue and a visit means dressing up formally. So much for the casual carefree outing ideology.

Depressing situation is it not? But turn those frowns upside down because Chatterbox Café will take away the stress about the formal lunches and dinners, instead a carefree and casual ambiance offers a comfortable environment. Chatterbox café is not just a café, it is part of Pie in the Sky Bakery. Cherry on top of the cake is it not? A café by the best bakers in K-town- each delicacy from Pie in the Sky is popular throughout the city for its fresh quality and to die for taste.

Address: Cafe Chatterbox, 3-C, 3rd Commercial Lane, Zamzama Commercial Area, Phase V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-358695481, 021-35830337

Chatterbox Café is located at the shopping and eatery district of the city – Zamzama. Chatterbox café offers a warm cozy ambiance with a rustic finish; the aroma of the freshly baked goodies is enticing upon entering but the sight is bewitching. Layers upon layers of chocolate brownies or the aromatic banana bread are a mouthwatering sight.

Chatterbox Café has an extensive menu to please the palate of the customers who wander in with the aroma of the baked goodies. Let the food coma at chatterbox café begin with the scrumptious healthy breakfast choices: the breakfast burrito and Mediterranean omelet are good choices to consider and so are the waffles served with maple syrup.

A little over indulgence at the breakfast is forgiven especially when it is ice cream served with waffles. And in case of lunch hour, the choices are mind boggling; grilled chicken sandwich, Quesadilla are some of the light and healthy options available for the weight watchers. Moving on are the scrumptious main courses amongst which the most popular is the Grilled Chicken with Moroccan Sauce and Peri Peri chicken served with rice.

All of the main courses at Chatterbox café are served with a decent portioning of rice. The food is par excellence in terms of quality and flavor. Sinfully good is the Dark Chocolate Tart with a Raspberry Coulis and in case one favors a baked goodie from the Pie in the Sky line, it is readily available straight from the oven.

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