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As a population, the people of K-town are far more inclined towards eating savories than desserts. Restaurants and cafes are now scattered across town like peanuts- every nook and cranny supports two or three eateries in a row while in some areas entire streets and lanes have become a hub for foodies.

Best Cafés in DHA Karachi & Clifton

People here in K-town have such an undying love for food that not a single day goes by when these eateries are not crowded. As long as they serve a few good dishes, the eateries are good to go. The demographics of the population visiting the restaurants and cafes is not limited to the youth, but to entire families and adults as well.

Cheeky Joe’s - Dessert Café - Zamzama Mall DHA KarachiThe first and foremost option at most of the cafes is an all-day breakfast exactly how it is in the United States of America. Surprisingly the all-day breakfast routine picked up fairly quick; throngs of people are seen queuing outside cafes to enjoy a hot piping breakfast on a weekend or a weekday. The choices on the menu are varied with options for the sweet tooth and the savory freaks, but a purely dessert oriented café is yet to make an appearance where the savories are on the sidelines. Nevertheless it is time to be cheeky at Cheek Joe’s – which had made appearance in K-town in the last few months.

What is Cheeky Joe’s many will ask with skeptical looks, the answer to which lies here: Joe’s beginnings can be traced back to 9th Century, and to Kaldi, The Ethiopian Goat Herder who discovered the magical berries of coffee. However more recently The Story of How Joe Got Cheeky begins in August 2007, A young man & woman were travelling from San Francisco to Seattle on the interstate 5 & stopped at the greyhound transit at Ashland, Jackson County-Oregon. They read in the local newspaper of the passing of Alfred Peet, a brilliant man with a giant of a personality, whom many regarded as The Dutchman who taught America how to drink Coffee.

The young man & woman thought of it a sign for they were on their way to meet a certain coffee company in Seattle to sell the finest of coffees, cultivated from family secrets passed down for 12 centuries, from pure Arabica to blends with robustness never seen before. With the top off their brown and orange striped ’69 Cadillac Eldorado, and Louis Armstrong’s & Elle Fitzgerald’s Cheek to Cheek Playing on RKJAZZ 88.1FM, the two turned back and decided to Get Cheeky on their own. This is the story of Cheeky Joe’s Coffees: A Tribute to the Dutchman.

People of K-town be on the look to being cheeky this year at Cheeky Joe’s. There is no better way to a cup of coffee than one at Cheeky Joe’s with the widest range of desserts ever being offered by any café. Stay tuned for more updates!

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