‘ChenOne Home’ Now Open at The Ocean Mall, Clifton

Not a day goes by when the ladies of the house do not spend hours at a stretch decorating or cleaning up their homes. Home décor is priority Uno for the ladies because it is a reflection of their tastes and aptitude of housekeeping abilities. Any time a woman steps out of home, it is very likely that she will return with something or the other to add to the décor; it may be just a small porcelain doll or a new set of crockery.

A well decorated home speaks volumes about the ladies of the house- their ability to manage and maintain without letting them deteriorate. A home store for the women is nothing short of a heaven while for the men or the children it is nothing less than a torture chamber.

When a woman steps out to buy accessories for her home: she is a woman on an agenda. The primary goal is to get the best possible accessory without having to dent the budget. Thus a complete home store with all the shenanigans is what a woman looks forward too. Let them spend hours at a stretch in a home store and they will not realize the time spent because the focus is on bringing together the best possible combinations with the layout of the house in mind.

The primary home store bearing the reputed seal of quality and comfort has always been ChenOne. ChenOne is phenomenally a lifestyle fashion store chain. This inimitable and utterly conceptual retail chain has been thriving in its originality of “Changing Lifestyles” since last many years with its voluminous national as well as international presence.

ChenOne is incepted as a subsidiary of the Chenab Group, a Faisalabad based colossal conglomerate, which is always at the rear of this prosperous brand. Here at ChenOne the belief is to share the experiences of fashion and luxury as the truly iconize indulgence. With all the brand repose, ChenOne is continued to consummating all the dispositions of a classic existence.

ChenOne epitomizes elegance and comfort- qualities known and loved by the loyal clientel. ChenOne has one of its major stores in Park Towers, but quite recently they have launched another outlet at the The Ocean Mall. The ChenOne at The Ocean Mall is offering a complete home store to the people where they can walk-in and buy the best and most comfortable home accessories.

The grand opening of ChenOne Home at The Ocean Mall has the people flocking the outlet in huge crowds, given the month of Ramadan and the wedding season as well- both these seasons are synonymous with the idea of re-decorating houses and updating the home accessories. Ladies be warned, make it to the outlets of ChenOne Home as soon as possible so that you may be able to get your hands on the best possible items.

Home décor will never be dull and boring with the arrival of ChenOne Home at The Ocean Mall. This summer, surprise the guests and the family with a make-over of the house décor.

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