Chocolate Dreamland at ‘New Bombay Store’

Everybody loves a good chocolate bar. Chocolates are known to release hormones that give a similar feeling like that of love. So if any time someone feels down, hand them a bar of chocolate; it is an instant mood lifter. Buying chocolates and candies initially meant going to any supermarket and picking up packets of known brands- a simple rule to conquer the sweet tooth cravings or for giveaways; a strategy which suffices the need, but does not on any level do justice. The question is why does it not do justice? It is because chocolates and candies are not just some sweet food items. They are delightful creations, made to an extreme level of perfection, such that adults and children alike cannot get enough.

People here have become accustomed to chocolates and candies from known international companies that which are easily available locally. Earlier on, the simple international brands of chocolates available were enough to send children reeling into fits of joy while the adults were not far behind in enjoying mouthfuls of sweets. Keeping in mind, the idea of all the euphoria chocolates and candies create, would it not be worthwhile to have a shop exclusively for these delights? Kind of like a Willy Wonka chocolate factory, bright colours and nothing but sweets all around.

New Bombay Store - DHA Karachi

Now, what if not a Willy Wonka factory, but a chocolate and candy store of similar magnitude is here in K-town. That would be a dream come true for the children and adults too. Right here in Karachi is the “New Bombay Store’, which is a paradise for literally every family member, because it is loaded with chocolates, candies, packaged snack items and dry fruits- all of which are of the highest quality and imported.

Address: 14-C, Lane No. 4, Stadium Commercial Area, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35851927

Wide windows display gigantic mounds of chocolates, rows of boxes of candies, packaged imported snack items and an entire area for dry fruits only. When in New Bombay Store, it is advisable to go with a wallet full because no one will think even once before buying.

The store has a huge running stock of known international chocolate brands, other than which, there are the Belgian chocolate collection which can be bought by the kilos. Moreover, the candies and sweets available are better than those abroad- from gummy bears, jelly worms, fizzy cola sweets, to twirl lollipops- it is a child’s dream.

While the children run amok with pleasure, the adults can head over to the more serious lines; silver coated cardamom, or rich paan masala to be served after dinners. The dry fruit available is of the finest quality- fresh and whole. Besides the traditional dry fruits, new Bombay store has hazelnuts, chestnuts and macadamia nuts, which are usually only found out of Pakistan.

Be it birthdays, baby announcements, engagement, wedding or any corporate event- new Bombay store will provide the perfect assortment of delicacies in baskets completely customized as per the customer’s preference. Because of the quality and uniqueness of the items, it is slightly costly, but at the end of the day worth the money.

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