Choose Rompers for your Baby because of 7 top Reasons!

The joys of having a baby are innumerable. Granted that not every step is a happy-go-lucky step, but still you can not beat the elation every time you look at your baby. From the moment you find out that you are expecting, baby registries pop up in your mind and how can we miss those cute, little outfits! Unlike old days, now we have an array of outfits and brands to choose from. High-end designers have even jumped in the baby clothes market.

As a first time mom, things can get a bit confusing especially when you have so many things to choose from. However, there are a few clothing items that have remained the same throughout the years and their usefulness in a baby’s wardrobe has not declined, even by a small margin! Rompers or onesies, as they are commonly called, are one of the most important and useful item of clothing that you must have in your baby’s wardrobe.

Let us take a look at the top 6 reasons why it should be in your baby’s must-haveitems!

1. They Give You Value for Money

It is easy to go overboard when you are shopping for baby clothes. Who can resist those tiny outfits? However, it is important to keep in mind that babies outgrow their clothes within a couple of months. So it is best buy something that gives you value for money. Rompers or onesies give you value for money. Generally, they come in packs of threes and fives and the best thing is that they come in a stretchy material, meaning they last for longer.

2.They Come in Different Sizes

Once you have grown accustomed to putting on a romper on your little one, it is hard to let go of these comfy clothes. Fret not, these rompers come in toddler sizes, too. From covering up your newborn’s needs to your toddler’s, these are perfect!

3. They Are Not ‘Whites’ Anymore!

Initially when these rompers started coming in to the market, they were plain white. They were meant to be worn underneath, like a vest. However, now things have changed. Rompers come in different colors, patterns and actually look cool enough to wear as they are! From the girly floral and butterfly pattern to a sailor-themed romper, there is an array of patterns and colors to choosefrom!

4. They Can Be Worn in Any Season!

One clothing piece that you can use throughout the year seems like too good to be true, right? Rompers are one clothing piece for your baby that you can actually use throughout the year. You can use it as a vest in the winters and you can use it as a top during the summers. Since they come in three different styles: sleeveless, half-sleeves and full-sleeves, you can choose the romper you want according to the season.

5. Easy to Put On Your Little Darling

All rompers and onesies come in one specific design. They can easily fit over a pamper and have buttons at the lower end. This allows for easy change of the diaper. There are no other buttons on the romper and this makes sure that your baby remains snug in his/ her romper.

6. They Are Easily Washable

Till they are one or two years old, babies make a lot of mess. From the food spills to pamper leakages, an average set of parents changes at least 2-3 outfits in a day. Rompers come to the rescue here! They are not only easy to take off, without making any more mess, but they are also easily washable. This makes rompers one of the top choices for many parents.

7. They Allow for Easy Movement!

Once your little one starts rolling around and moving around, it is time to say bye bye to all fancy clothes. Rompers allow for easy movement for the baby and lets him/her move around freely, without getting stuck in a frilly frock or shorts! You will notice the ease with which your little one moves around, once he/ she is in a romper.

Fun Facts About Rompers!

Here we share a few fun facts about our beloved rompers/ onesies!

  • Rompers have always been in use, since the old times. They first appeared in the 1900s, as the first modern casual clothes for children.
  • They were thought to be ideal for encouraging easy movement in the children as opposed to the tight and restrictive clothing that the children used to wear before that!
  • Although they varied from country to country initially, now they all follow the same pattern.
  • In France, they were worn only by boys initially but later on, it extended towards girls as well.
  • They are also known as bodysuits, diaper shirts, Babygro and snap-suits!

Rompers are a Must-have for Your Little One’s Wardrobe. Have Fun Romper Shopping!

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