Chupa Rustom – Karachi Cafe

The tradition is revived, folks! Here is another preserver of our conventional rich and flavored cuisine, protecting and presenting it in its own unique style here in phase 6, DHA. This place has the interior design and seating style of a 50’s restaurant with white washed walls and contrasting dark brown furniture and doors and windows. The crockery used to serve meals, the aroma of Eastern sub-continental food in the air and the general atmosphere of Chupa Rustom makes it its own homonym.

The question might arise that what is so different about Chupa Rustom? There are a lot of traditional eating places. The significance is the originality in tastes, ingredients and presentation because of which it stands out. Plus the menu is a large one, and by large I mean one with so many options it becomes almost impossible to come to a decision. The menu card has funny and cheeky headings like Goron ke Shashkay (coffee options), Thanda Thaar (iced drink options) and Garma Garam (tea options – zafraani and Kashmiri tea as examples).

The food on the menu is divided in categories and each has its own awesome flavour. You can smack your lips on cooked breakfast (Malpura, Karachi Eggsecutive, Dalia) or marvel over lunch and dinner from Ibtida (Murgh Yakhni), driving through Khaba (Chapli Kabab, Lahori Chargha), Irani specials (Chelo Kabab), passing from All Day Café’ (Pav Bhaji, Hunter Beef Flying Saucer) giving a Waqfa (Chef’s Special Salad, Thaelay Walay Chips) then moving on to Angeethi (Lamb Boti, BBQ Shashlick) and Rice and Daal, Tadoor Se, sides (Hari Mirch ka Salan) and ending the tasty journey at dessert (Shahi Tukray). I can see your mouth watering already!

Thus the summary can be — Chupa Rustom is sure to tease your taste buds pleasantly. Essential to try. Cheers!

Address: 7C, Lane 13, Bukhari Commercial, Phase 6 DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: 0336 7787866

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