Ci Gusta – The Real Italian Food Experience!

Summers time in Karachi is scorching heat and dryness; none to appealing with the work load. People prefer staying indoors and even if the need to go out arises, the first option will be the malls. Ideally people opt to go out during the night time when it is somewhat cooler. The weather is not as hot as a desert, but temperatures soar up to around 48 or 49 degree, making work really difficult.

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The demand for cold beverages soars directly in relation to the summer heat. Cold beverages become the first choice for drinks when people are out for work. Besides drinks, the ever loved ice-cream is never refused either. Be it children or adults, a bowl full of ice-cream will be welcomed with cheers of joy and happiness.

The cold smooth silken texture brings a smile on the face of nearly everyone, especially in the summers. Ice-cream is heavenly in scorching sun, whether it is a Popsicle or a Gelato. With the arrival of summers in Karachi, young and old alike will flock to ice-cream parlors to enjoy this cold delicacy and kill the summer heat.

When it comes to ice-cream, the sky is the limit; flavours range from the most commonly eaten to some extremely exotic fruity blends. Surprisingly people love nearly all the flavours ever introduced by an ice-cream parlour. It goes without saying that ice-cream is the best when made the Italian way- Gelato. The silky Italian gelato texture is as smooth as silk unlike the ones locally made.

Ci Gusta - The Real Italian Food Experience! - DHA Karachi

Ci Gusta brings the Real Italian Experience for Gelato, Frozen Yogurt, Desserts to Karachi. Located at Silver Sand, Main Sea View, DHA Karachi. Ci Gusta is creating waves amongst the people for its genuine Italian flavours and specialties.

Address: Silver Sand, Plot# DS-123, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Main Sea View, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0321-2999624

Ci Gusta is a brand conceived to bring Italian artisanship to the rest of the world with a range of high quality foods, an efficient service and a typically friendly taste. These values are the fruit of the experience of years in this sector and a passion for innovation and research that will be able to satisfy even the most refined palates.

Ci Gusta! A concept on everyone’s lips! Gelato Tenero is soft serve ice-cream available in two varieties: fruits and cream. The cream flavours incorporate ingredients like chocolate while the fruit flavored Gelato Tenero is a blend of exotic or seasonal fruits. Highly recommended is the chocolate, mascarpone, cheesecake flavours in the Gelato Tenero category.

All those who wish to go the extra mile in terms of experimenting and trying the real Italian experience, must try the salted caramel Gelato Tenero- It is mouthful of tantalizing flavours never had before; sweet silky gelato with bits and pieces of salted caramel will have the customers going back for the same flavor again and again.

Similarly the real Italian Gelato is available in the two categories mentioned above. New on the dessert block at Ci Gusta is the SemiFreddo cake; an Italian gelato cake with layers full of bursting flavors. Ci Gusta is the surest way to kill the summer heat this year.

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